Minutes IETF97: lisp

Meeting Minutes Locator/ID Separation Protocol (lisp) WG
Title Minutes IETF97: lisp
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Meeting Minutes

   Minutes LISP 97

- Administration

  - [Chairs] RIPE NCC service to manage EID blocks is open.
  - [Chairs] Secretary position available: contact the chairs
  - [Dino Farinacci] asks for a 2h slot next time as people were refused
    to present

o WG Items

- LISP Security (LISP-SEC) - draft-ietf-lisp-sec-12

  - [Fabio Maino] Apologies for not having posted -12 but the version sent
    on the mailing list is similar to -12 that will be submitted after
    the session.
  - [Fabio Maino] Explains the choice of SHOULD instead of MUST: it is to
    support case where the system is not uniform. The ITR decides to accept
    or not based on its understanding of the risk.
  - [Dino Farinacci] How is the AES key distributed?
  - [Fabio Maino] The distribution of the key is out of the scope of the
    draft. Usually the key is shared. Keys between ITR <-> MR and MS
    <-> ETR are different.
  - [Joel Halpern] When will the document be done?
  - [Fabio Maino] It is done
  - [Joel Halpern] Send to the list

o Non WG Items

- LISP 6830bis & 6833bis

  - [Albert Cabellos] Suggests to only put a reference to the threat analysis
    document in the security consideration section.
  - [Fabio Maino] Agree that referencing threats is a good idea.
  - [Padma Pillay-Esnault] Asks if the document will be standard tracks
  - [Joel Halpern] Yes

- LISP EID Geo-Coordinates Use-Cases - draft-farinacci-lisp-geo-01

  - [Dino Farinacci] Added granularity for altitude to be able to identify
    elements in racks
  - [Dino Farinacci] BCP 160 is what defines privacy considerations for
  - [Joel Halpern] You can use the uncertainty. If you state you are in NYC
    airport you provide the coordinates of the center of the airport and the
    uncertainty radius just tells you you are somewhere in the airport.
  - [Georgios Karagiannis] Can areas overlap?
  - [Dino Farinacci] Future work is to decide what to do when areas overlap

- IDEAS - Problem Statement for a Common Network Mapping Infrastructure
  - [Padma Pillay-Esnault] DNS is not a viable solution for IDEAS control plane
    because of flexibility, latency, and scale.
  - [Joel Halpern (as individual)] Says that this assertion is not shared by
    everyone at the IETF.
  - [Dino Farinacci] DDoS protected system should be stated explicitly.
  - [Joel Halpern] You talk about Internet wide mapping system but do you plan
    to talk about incentives?
  - [Padma Pillay-Esnault] Yes, this is why it is important to define the
    practices to deploy as well.
  - [Luigi Iannone] Don’t think you should target one mapping system, it is
    possible to have multiple mapping systems exchanging information.
  - [Padma Pillay-Esnault] Global mapping system does not means that you need
    one, it can be several

- ILA - Identifier-locator addressing for IPv6 - draft-herbert-nvo3-ila-03
  - [Joel Halpern] When you have a cache entry but the destination moves, how
    does the source know?
  - [Tom Herbert] we are thinking of a kind of host-unreachable ICMP message.
    Eventually we may need a specific protocol.
  - [Luigi Iannone] Is there a webpage you could share on the list to explain
    how to play with ILA, since it is implemented in Linux.
  - [Tal Mizrahi] the terminology for the checksum field, could you use the
    same terminology as other RFCs?
  - [Tom Herbert] Please send me the RFCs
  - [Dino Farinacci] Don’t like your control plane, Dino will show a way to do
    it at IDEAS side meeting.
  - [Dino Farinacci] What about multicast?
  - [Tom Herbert] Not thought much about it, not our priority
  - [Fabio Maino] What about data-plane security?
  - [Tom Herbert] Some questions remain open.

- Block Chain Mapping System
  - [Albert Cabellos] Main idea is to use blockchains to validate EID
    delegations. More details at the IDEAS side meeting.