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Meeting Minutes

Measurement and Analysis for Protocols Research Group (maprg)
Minutes for IETF-97 (Seoul)

Thursday, Nov 17, 9:30-11:00 (Morning session I)
Room: Grand Ballroom 2
Chairs: Mirja K├╝hlewind and Dave Plonka

Rethinking Broadband Performance using Big Data from M-Lab - Xiaohong Deng
(short talk, no comments or questions)

Video at the Edge: A Measurement Study - Kathleen Nichols (remote)
(Comment on Netflix Video Delay Variation, from jabber room, since Kathleen
uses TSval for clocking and would like higher frequency): Praveen
Balasubramanian: note that boosting the clock frequency to 1ms has power

Martin ???: Is the apple vs chromecast thing an app or a stack issue?
Kathleen: At least a little is the app, different numbers of streams. Flow
startup is different, too, so that's Tommy Pauly: Some behavior, we send video
streaming through shared system libraries. On google, they have control.

Jana: Wish we had more time.
Kathleen: I'll try to write more of this up
Jana: Good TS allows more extraction. How much more fidelity do you get from
TSval than simple acks? Kathleen: No OWD without TSval.

Brian: What's realtime?
Kathleen: Can do this with thirty seconds delay, but these are really thirty
second batch windows. Could do with less, estimator can determine it has enough

Aaron: Please come to Chicago.

Traffic Policing in the Internet - Yuchung Cheng and Neal Cardwell
Tommy Pauly: I doubt policers would do this. Maybe they could use ECN to signal
this. Niel: We have. In the long term, worth looking into.

Praveen (via jabber): Is there delay buildup before drops on policing?
Neal: No. We would prefer they shape it.

H2 performance analysis in cellular networks - Moritz Steiner (remote)
Yuchung: BBR fixes this. Will forward you data.
Mirja: Please come to Chicago and bring data.