Minutes IETF99: perc

Meeting Minutes Privacy Enhanced RTP Conferencing (perc) WG
Title Minutes IETF99: perc
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Meeting Minutes

Privacy Enhanced RTP Conferencing
Session 2017-07-18 9:30 - 12:00
Chairs :- Suhas Nandakumar, Nils Ohlmeier

Scribe: Roni Even
Jabber: Matt Miller


* draft-ietf-perc-double, draft-ietf-perc-srtp-ekt-diet
  - Cullen presented a new way to do OHB (now in payload), a joint proposal
    from Sergio and Cullen
  - Presentation also focussed on doing RTP Repair (RTX, RED, Flexfec) in PERC
    ??"- Idea is to do repair on the double encrypted packet
  - Ekt draft had no technical changes and may need some changes due to the new
    OHB proposal
  - Chairs made the consensus call and there was strong consensus
    on the overall direction of the new OHB proposal as well as the repair
    procedures in PERC
  - Authors to submit new version detailing the proposals.

* draft-ietf-perc-private-media-framework
  - Paul presented on the editorial changes related to PERC key-management
  & packet
  - No major open issues.
  - Expected reviews

* draft-ietf-perc-dtls-tunnel
  - Paul presented on the changes related to removal of dlts-id and inclusion
    of the tls-id in the tunnel, make association ID as UUID and other
    editorial changes for better readability.
  - No major open issues.
  - Expected reviews

* Action Items and Next Steps
  - Chairs to confirm the consensus on the list
  - Double Authors to submit updated version.
  - Chairs to setup virtual interim to help progress the decisions
    made in this meeting.

Raw Notes (Roni Even)
Chairs Intro

New Chair ??" Nils

No comments on milestones

SRTP Double draft-ietf-perc-double  - Cullen

EKT on Diet draft-ietf-perc-srtp-ekt-diet ??" Cullen

What is lite ??" SRTP in SRTP

FlexFEC ??" usually before encryption

In PERC ??" before, after or in the middle.

A option after double

B option before ??" MD cannot do repair

Lite ??" after E2E before HBH

RED ??" Magnus asked about RED what happenes with payload type when
changing from non red to red in the MD. Need detailed information about how it
will work.

Proposal ??" move obh to payload after header.  ??" slide 15

Roni ??" how will the SDP work,

Cullen ??" no change still original payload since encrypted.

Mo : how does framemarking works. Marker bit is not enough.

Cullen : do we allow SFU to set the m-bit.

Consensus: the M bit can be changed by SFU

Cullen: the bitfield work, maybe from the MD to KD to client.

The proposal: Move OHB information from header extension to payload, use
RTX,RED and flexfec as in ???A???. DTMF: MD cannot receive DTMF. (Add text as
Magnus requested).

Consensus on slide 16 : the WG accepted the direction. Expect verification of
the solution for next meeting.

EKT issue (18) ??" add in to the DTLS EKT messge , the value of bitfiled
value for the new Double payload if we make the OHB->payload change.

Cullen : can be by defining multiple protection profiles instead of change as

Action: Need to verify using multiple profiles for different bitmaps

DTLS Tunnel draft-ietf-perc-dtls-tunnel ??" Paul Jones

TLS-ID ??" remove the editor note ??" will be out of scope

PERC Framework draft-ietf-perc-private-media-framework ??" Paul Jones

Added two appendixes ??" appendix B will need an update based on the
payload structure change.