Minutes IETF99: trans

Meeting Minutes Public Notary Transparency (trans) WG
Title Minutes IETF99: trans
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Last updated 2017-07-19

Meeting Minutes

TRANS session ietf 99
Wednesday, July 19 2017

Status update
6962-bis completed WGLC.  There are some editorial issues to
address but no need to re-enter LC.

Gossip – waiting AD review.

Redaction – Proponents not active, on-hold.

Threat-analysis – still stuck

dnssec logging – still in brainstorming mode

binaries logging – there's interest but we need new proposals

TLS extension for CT –it is registered in 6962 (bis); do we
need a document?  Probably moot.

Client behavior - Emily Stark will check with google.

Log monitoring API – no update

Any other business
AD (ekr) question – when are you done?

Melinda: Lack of progress on other documents, so maybe close to done.

Ekr: if you can’t recruit people, let’s close

Melinda: agree.