Minutes for IPSECME at interim-2013-ipsecme-1

Meeting Minutes IP Security Maintenance and Extensions (ipsecme) WG
Title Minutes for IPSECME at interim-2013-ipsecme-1
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Last updated 2013-05-16

Meeting Minutes

Virtual Interim Meeting, 2013-05-16
Minutes taken by Paul Hoffman

Yaron gave introduction
	Introduction superfluous
	We have little energy
	Maybe the draft should be individual draft with discussion on the list

Valery: is OK with this being Individual Submission
	Yoav: wants it to be a WG document
		Cisco has its own running code that is non-interoperable
	Brian: Cisco would have to do the eventual result anyway
	Yoav: Cisco is more likely to implement if they were part of the discussion

Yaron wonders if this is a problem that needs to be resolved
	Yoav: yes, and would rather work with an RFC
	Tero: the problem is still there, but it just won't be TCP
		The WG needs to have implementers reviews at the start

Yaron: do we want to stay with the current TCP-based solution?
	Brian: might be running on sensors that don't have a TCP stack
	Yoav: even he won't implement it

Yaron: is Valery's draft better than what several non-standard implementations of what IKEv1 did
	Yoav: just copying what IKEv1 did is probably wrong; doesn't know
	Valery: they implemented for IKEv1 based on Microsoft's implementation
		If we introduce negotiation in IKEv2, it won't be exactly the same
		The implementation will be different, but similar
	Brian: it looks very similar but using a Notify for signaling, which is an advantage

Next steps:
	Ask the WG
		Abandon IKE TCP
		Adopt Valery's draft

Blue sheet:
	Brian Weis
	Daneil Migault
	Paul Hoffman
	Tero Kivinen
	Valery Smyslov
	Yaron Sheffer
	Yoav Nir