Minutes for SCIM at interim-2013-scim-4

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Title Minutes for SCIM at interim-2013-scim-4
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Meeting Minutes

- Kelly Grizzle
- Morteza Ansari
- Barry Leiba
- Bjorn Aannestad
- Erik Wahlstrom
- Phil Hunt
- Sal D'Agostino

Issue #34:
- Kelly will fix by marking this as non-normative and will check the rest of the 
examples in the drafts for similar problems.

Issue #35:
- Phil: New schema attribute regarding read-only, read-write, write-only, 
immutable. Phil will work on this.

Issue #37:
- Two parts to this
o Define error responses
o Allow servers to publish restrictions
- What sort of response should be given if the client tries to query on an attribute 
that is not indexed? Error or no results?
- Phil updated ticket with some ideas, will send questions to list.

Issue #39:
- Unclear what the use case is here - will send note to Alex Santos regarding the need 
for this.
- Could return a 204 with no content.
- Phil brought up somewhat related issue around slow REST ... should poll the 
mailing list. Already described in ticket #32.
- Erik will take this one.

Issue #42:
- Making this optional will ease migration from 1.1 to 2.0.
- Publish a config option in ServiceProviderConfig regarding this.
- Phil will take this one.

Issue #46:
- Is there a reason for an array of errors? Morteza believes there was discussion 
around this a long time ago. Should search the google group and look for precedence 
in other REST APIs.
- Are there existing mechanisms for extending REST error codes?
- Kelly will take this one.

Two more calls until IETF meeting - would like to wrap up many open tickets and 
produce another revision of the drafts.

Morteza will open another issue about filtering complex mutli-valued attributes (eg 
- find users whose primary address is in Austin). Will discuss on next concall. Bjorn 
will brainstorm ahead of time.


Meeting recording link:


SCIM WG bi-weekly call-20131002 1807-1
Wednesday, October 2, 2013 11:07 am San Francisco Time
53 Minutes