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Minutes for NETMOD at interim-2014-netmod-14

Meeting Minutes Network Modeling (netmod) WG Snapshot
Title Minutes for NETMOD at interim-2014-netmod-14
State Active
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Last updated 2014-10-27

#netmod-wg Meeting

Meeting started by kwatsen at 14:00:07 UTC. The full logs are available
at netmod-wg/2014/netmod-wg.2014-10-08-14.00.log.html .

Meeting summary

* Agenda Bashing (kwatsen, 14:00:18)

* ACL Model (presented by Dean B.) (kwatsen, 14:08:37)
(schoenw, 14:12:55)
(Thomas__, 14:13:49)
(kwatsen, 14:16:13)
* Blair asks if there is a pattern to follow for key/value mapping
(hashmap) (kwatsen, 14:18:57)
* lada asks you have configuration and running state in the same tree.
isn't there a protocol that allows for configuration outside of
netconf. how do you plan to deal with the case where there are two
writers? (kwatsen, 14:23:31)
* benoit asks: where/how are these extra extensions to be developed?
(kwatsen, 14:26:03)
* Tom learns how to use IRC again. *) (Thomas__, 14:26:39)
* Dana says that L2 is an based model, but mpls might be good for an
example (kwatsen, 14:28:20)
* Dean stresses that this is an early example of how to extend things
in standard ways (Thomas__, 14:28:26)
* to show how is can be extended nicely in the future (kwatsen,
* [two comments up] s/an based model/in base model/ (kwatsen,
* Kiran asks when this can move forward to a WG chartered item
(kwatsen, 14:32:30)
* all authors agreed that they felt it was ready (kwatsen, 14:32:43)
* discussion about if its ready now (kwatsen, 14:33:28)
* no objections raised (kwatsen, 14:33:51)
(Clyde, 14:33:53)

* syslog (kwatsen, 14:34:06)
(Clyde, 14:34:25)
* ill issue a call for adoption of the syslog model shortly
(Thomas__, 14:44:09)
* Call-in User_7 (Alex Clemm?) asks about support for structured data
(kwatsen, 14:45:38)
* kwatsen asks and is assured that other encodings beyond
structured-data can be added in the future (kwatsen, 14:50:24)
* github link for ACL model discussed earlier:
(Thomas__, 14:50:45)
* calls for adoption of the draft as a NETMOD WG draft (Thomas__,
* Latest SYSLOG model posted too:
(Thomas__, 14:54:43)
* confirmed Call-in User_7 is Alex (kwatsen, 14:55:15)
* - lads asks if this should be in net mod if syslog is closed
(Thomas__, 14:56:56)
* Lada questions if another WG should do this work. Benoit notes that
syslog WG is concluded. (kwatsen, 14:57:11)
* - benoit is ok to do these in net mod if there are no other homes
for this (Thomas__, 14:57:25)
* Benoit points out that there are requests for many models for which
there are no homes, and creation of a WG per model wouldn't scale
(kwatsen, 15:00:42)
* one suggestion is to have one WG focused on models and another on
the language (kwatsen, 15:01:26)
* schoenw recommends that we get data models done and deal with
scalability issues once we reach the boundaries (kwatsen, 15:04:12)
* Thomas__ agrees (kwatsen, 15:04:31)
* Thomas__ recommends we incubate more Yang Doctors as a means to
scale modeling work (kwatsen, 15:06:08)
* : Kent, I have increase the number of YANG doctors recently.
(Benoit__, 15:06:32)
(Benoit__, 15:06:53)
* I asked for comments to accept or not this draft as a WG draft
(Thomas__, 15:07:05)
* ACTION: Thomas__ to send mail to list asking to move to a chartered
item status (kwatsen, 15:08:31)

* Mount Points (kwatsen, 15:08:41)
* ref for draft under discussion
(Thomas__, 15:09:07)
* earlier draft posted a year ago, since then it has been implemented
and an updated draft posted (kwatsen, 15:10:50)
* @EricVoit, and running code in ODL (Benoit__, 15:14:06)
* question regarding impact on device - does if have to implement
pub/sub and async notification? (kwatsen, 15:28:32)
* Alex explains that there are two roles: mount client and mount
server (kwatsen, 15:29:04)
* the mount server may support the ability for async notifications
(kwatsen, 15:29:40)
* Benoit asks if there is an advantage to this approach over existing
protocols (VRRP) (kwatsen, 15:30:48)
* Benoit__ asks if this is really an extension of YANG (no, it can be
implemented with existing Yang 1.0) (kwatsen, 15:47:35)
* Balazs questions if the protocol extensions should be brought to the
NETCONF WG (kwatsen, 15:48:43)
* Alex explains that this can be implemented on top of existing
NETCONF. NETCONF extensions (pub/sub) would be in a different draft
(kwatsen, 15:49:37)
* Eric notes that NETCONF is not required. Other protocols (HTTP)
were tried as well (kwatsen, 15:53:19)
* - time check. we need to wrap in 3 min... (Thomas__, 15:57:32)
* the importance of the problem (kwatsen, 15:59:42)
* this seems very app-specific (kwatsen, 15:59:59)
* what ODL is doing seems just one way this could be done (kwatsen,
* ACTION: kwatsen to take this to the list (kwatsen, 16:01:01)

Meeting ended at 16:02:34 UTC.

Action items, by person

* kwatsen
* kwatsen to take this to the list
* Thomas__
* Thomas__ to send mail to list asking to move to a chartered item

People present

Eric Voit
Jan Medved
Tom Nadeau
Eric Voit
Alexander Clemm
Aseem Choudhary
Balazs Lengyel
Benoit Claise
Clyde Wildes
Dana Blair
David Reid
Dean B
Kent Watsen
Kiran Koushik Agrahara Sreenivasa
Lada Lhotka
Mahesh Jethanandani
Peter Van Horne
Jean-Francois Tremblay