Minutes for PCP at interim-2014-pcp-1

Meeting Minutes Port Control Protocol (pcp) WG
Title Minutes for PCP at interim-2014-pcp-1
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Meeting Minutes

PCP Interim Meeting

7:00 PDT Tuesday 26 August 2014

7:06 PDT Tuesday 26 August 2014
Chairs Slides

Three documents published:
– pcp-description-option → RFC 7220
– pcp-nat64-prefix64 → RFC 7225
– draft-ietf-pcp-dhcp → RFC 7291

Will be going to IESG shortly:
– pcp-server-selection (see next slide)

– pcp-port-set (on agenda)
Simon Perreault explained recent changes

Perhaps improve text explaining need for “First Internal Port”

Modify text to say “PREFER_FAILURE MUST NOT appear with PORT_SET”

Discussion about whether a reply for a port set of size one should omit the
PORT_SET Option.


7:40 PDT Tuesday 26 August 2014

PCP Authentication Mechanism
Dacheng Zhang

Discussion of ID-indicator option
Is it arbitrary 8-bit data? UTF-8 text?
Is the “client” that decides which credentials to present a human, or software?


8:00 PDT Tuesday 26 August 2014
Optimizing NAT and Firewall Keepalives
Tiru Reddy

Discussion of how PCP Proxy capability in PCP servers would save the client
having to discover and communicate with every NAT and Firewall on the path.


8:05 PDT Tuesday 26 August 2014
PCP Tunnel-ID Option
Andreas Ripke (10 mins)

Stuart Cheshire: Examples of actual real-world usage of subscriber portals for
PCP port allocation would help motivate this


8:24 PDT Tuesday 26 August 2014
Flow high availability through PCP
Suresh Vinapamula (10 mins)

What does PREFER_FAILURE do?
Is it a being used to signal TRY_HARDER?
Perhaps a priority level field in the option would signal this better.

Add mention in Security Considerations that this may give a hint to MITM
attackers about which flows might be worth attacking.


8:40 PDT Tuesday 26 August 2014
(U)SIM based PCP authentication
Gang Chen (10 mins)

Dave Thaler: Does this affect the base authentication document?
If so, we need to address that before the base authentication document is


8:54 PDT Tuesday 26 August 2014
PCP Extensions for Footprint Discovery
(no draft)
Brent Hirschman (10 mins)

Dave Thaler: Next step would be to submit an Internet Draft describing the
problem statement and proposed solution and start discussions on the mailing

9:08 PDT Tuesday 26 August 2014
Meeting end