Minutes for SCIM at interim-2014-scim-2

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Title Minutes for SCIM at interim-2014-scim-2
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Meeting Minutes

* Erik Wahlstršm (note taker)
* Morteza Ansari
* Phil Hunt
* Berry Leibba
* Bill Mills
* Kelly Grizzle
* Leif Johansson
* Bjšrn Aannestad

* Phil have gone through all tickets and picked the low hanging fruit that we 
talked about in Vancouver and on the list.
* Some new tickets have also been added #57, #58, #59 and #60.
* Issue #57 talks about updating all /v1 to /v2 to reflect SCIM v2. Some 
discussion around draft or not.
* Issue #51, have had some discussion on the list. Draft 03 includes text 
that IDs are optional on the ResourceType object.
* Issue #59, 03 of the spec have spanx tags and also references to the real 
* Issue #43, some discussion about dropping short-hand notation for 
complex attributes or not. Leave it unchanged in 03, needs more 
discussion on list.
* Phil will send the 03 draft of the spec to email list. It includes a Change 
Log section with all fixed issues.
* Phil will be added as editor so he can push 03 version of the spec. Move 
an old editor, to Contributors list to keep list small.
* Kelly had some comments regarding the immutable attribute and how itÕs 
handled. Can it be updated in a PUT or not? Should service provider just 
ignore or reject a request with a new value for an immutable attribute? Phil 
will add a note regarding immutability in 03 and sends an email to list (can 
be found here http://www.ietf.org/mail-
* Bill should propose language regarding immutability and PUT on the list 
(can be found here http://www.ietf.org/mail-
* Phil and Kelly should compile presentation for London to summarise 03 
and some important issues that we should talk about to define next step.
* Section 3.1 in schema spec also includes default values for attributes in 
the schema. It exists no text about the default values anywhere so it will be 
in 03.
* Next call will be on the 26th, 2 weeks from now.

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SCIM WG bi-weekly call-20140212 1907-1
Wednesday, February 12, 2014 11:07 am San Francisco Time
47 Minutes