Minutes for SCIM at interim-2014-scim-3

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Title Minutes for SCIM at interim-2014-scim-3
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Last updated 2014-04-03

Meeting Minutes

* Kelly Grizzle (note taker)
* Erik Wahlstršm
* Morteza Ansari
* Phil Hunt
* Bill Mills
* Melvin Laguren

Phil presented results from PATCH poll.
-Poll shows most leaning towards a 6902-based solution.
Kelly and Morteza (speaking as an implementor) raised concerns about a new 
PATCH proposal that primarily increases readibility. This will be a non-backwards-
compatible breaking change for not much benefit.
Chairs will present 3 options to list for consensus - 6902-compliant, 6902-based, or 
Draft 3.
Some discussion around localization, Phil will dig in deeper to see if there are any 
inconsistencies and bring any issues he finds to the WG.

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SCIM WG bi-weekly call-20140402 1806-1
Wednesday, April 2, 2014 11:06 am San Francisco Time
52 Minutes