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Title Minutes for SCIM at interim-2014-scim-4
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Meeting Minutes

* Bjorn Aannestad (note taker)
* Kelly Grizzle
* Ian Glazer
* Morteza Ansari
* Phil Hunt
* Melvin Laguren

Ticket #18: Still waiting on comments by end of this week. Once that 
happens, then Morteza/Leif will close the thread. All comments so far been 
in favor adopting the JSON patch.

Ticket #61 was handled as part of Phil's updates for 18, limiting characters 
that can be used in attribute names. #71 and #72 are related to #61, both 
about localization issues.

Decision to make a consensus call for #61, so that #18 can also be closed. 
(Noted that JSON allows any string, but SCIM attribute names appear in 

Tickets #43, #36: Dropping short-hand notation... consensus was 
confirmed already for #43. Phil will change language to follow the 
RFC5646 as the HTTPbis WG does in section 3.1.3 of their draft. And, add 
language to recommend support both underscores and (the new) dashes 
for backwards compatibility.

Phil will fix #62, #63, #65 in a draft subsequent to the draft that contains 
changes related to #18.

Ticket #65 (Removing method overload header) Kelly reports finding a 
need for the header when using a new Blackberry browser. It can't do a 
SCIM PATCH unless the overload header is supported. Kelly will add more 
explanation to the ticket. However, based on earlier discussion we either 
have to use a registered method override, or remove it from the spec. 
Referred to Julian and Leif for their opinions.

Ticket #73 - (Async support for long bulk operations) Discussion around 
need to address this now, or wait till its a problem. Phil may
request comments from the mailing list. Also, consideration must be made 
for what happens after a timed out HTTP operation. Discussion led to 
conclusion that bulk operations are valuable, and async operations should 
be a separate extension draft.

Ian Glazer is "taking the baton" from Chuck Mortimer, representing 

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SCIM WG bi-weekly call-20140416 1810-1
Wednesday, April 16, 2014 11:10 am San Francisco Time
48 Minutes