Minutes for NVO3 at interim-2015-nvo3-11

Meeting Minutes Network Virtualization Overlays (nvo3) WG
Title Minutes for NVO3 at interim-2015-nvo3-11
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Meeting Minutes

Virtual Interim Meeting Agenda 2015-07-10 10:00-11:30 EST
Chairs: Benson Schliesser, Matthew Bocci
Secretary: Sam Aldrin


- Agenda
1. WG chairs : Agenda bashing, charter update
- Architecture and use case documents are due. Benson will be follow up for
completion. - Great deal of work to be done on control plane. - Will be
evaluating on how we are doing in terms of milestones, at Prague.

2. NVA Address Mapping Distribution Protocol by Linda Dunbar.  - 15min
- This draft was discussed in two interims and received comments.
- Revised draft was published with suggested sub-TLV’s.
- Erik suggested earlier to use OVSDB.
- Gave tried description of what OVSDB is.

Bhumip> only for config?
Linda> Yes

- It uses JSON.
- Like OVSDB, NVA-NVE defines TLV’s for push model.
- Irrespective of OVSDB, the policies are still valid within the draft.
- There is no pull model in OVSDB.
- Draft defines what triggers to pull and what to pull
- If we decide OVSDB in the control plane, the content in the draft is still

Erik> There is a defined schema as well within OVSDB and used in VXLAN
deployment Benson> If correct, there are some other schema which are not
present in the RFC Linda> Bitstream is much faster than YANG/JSON Linda>
OVSDB could have more things defined, the overhead is quite huge and
performance is too slow Linda> Do we need JSON to do control plane or bit
stream? Jesse> OVSDB is already adopted and used, so, may not use the newly
defined TLV’s. Linda> With OVSDB today, one cannot reach NVA-NVE Jesse>
OVSDB does report to controller. Take a look at the published schema. Linda>
I have looked at and my judgement is more need to be added to be used a control
plane Benson> It would be useful to have mailing list discussion. Info model
is needed. Erik> Agree with that. Linda> Consider the info model defined
by this draft first. Secondly, consider the schema next. Benson> Good to
have mailing list first and take it from there.

3. Virtual Network Transport Protocol by Zhongyu.  - 20min
- Bhumip is presenting on behalf of Yu.
- Draft defines interaction between NVE and NVA
- VNTP is based on broad transport mechanisms.
- VNTP procedures in various scenarios was explained
- Explained various packet formats for VNTP

Larry> Why are you running over IP instead of UDP?
Bhumip> You could run on UDP. More of operational requirement.
Larry> What is the technical reason?
Bhumip> No technical reason

4. PMTUD over Vxlan by Vengada Prasad  - 10Min
- There could be fragmentation in the core and could not convey the mtu size
properly - VXLAN G/W may not be able to rely the underlay errors like ICMP
errors - David Black reviewed and mentioned that it is good problem to solve.

Erik> I have presented a draft on path trace which identifies the MTU value
Sam > Why is determining MTU useful and how is it useful when you have
hierarchy of transport layers. Erik> It is local decision Sam> Let us
take it offline to clarify why this will be useful

5. Path Detection in VXLAN Overlay Network by Dapeng  - 15min
- Proposed extensions to VXLAN header
- If the bit is set the packet response is sent to the controller

Sam> Sent comments on the list but no response.
Sam> How do you know which controller receives the response?
Dapeng> In our deployment, it is one controller connecting to all devices.
Sam> Security is a big issue. Please add more content into security section
on how this will avoid security related problems like, sniffing out the entire
network topology. Dapeng> Will add in the next revision Sam> If a node do
not support the new extension, how do you derive it as a unsupported Vs DP
failure? Dapeng> Controller has to know that there is unsupported node in
the network? Sam> Do add text on how to determine that. Benson> Good
discussion. Please find time at Prague and also continue discussion over
mailing list.

Meeting adjourned. See you all at Prague.