Minutes for 6TISCH at interim-2016-6tisch-11

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4e (6tisch) WG
Title Minutes for 6TISCH at interim-2016-6tisch-11
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Meeting Minutes

   ## DRAFT ##

# Minutes, 24 June 2016 interim, 6TiSCH WG #

Note: timestamps in PDT.

Connection details

* Date: 7-8am Pacific:
* Webex link:
* Webex recording:
    * Recording password: RcxGCn8M
* Wiki: https://bitbucket.org/6tisch/meetings/wiki/160624_webex
* Slides:

Taking notes _(using Etherpad)_

1. Xavier Vilajosana
1. Pascal Thubert

Present _(alphabetically)_

1. Dominique Barthel
1. Esteban
1. Jonathan Munoz
1. Lijo Thomas
1. Michael Richardson
1. Qin Wang
1. Rashid Sangi
1. Satish Anamalamudi
1. Sedat Gormus
1. Shalu
1. Suman Kumar
1. Pascal Thubert
1. Tengfei Chang
1. Thomas Watteyne
1. Xavier Vilajosana

Action Items

1. poipoi


* Administrivia _[2min]_
    * Approval agenda
    * Approval minutes last call
* IETF update [Chairs] _[5min]_
* update security [Michael!] _[3min]_
* plugtest: draft test description [Maria Rita?] _[15min]_
* update 6top [Qin?Xavi?] _[15min]_
* AOB _[1min]_


* 7:05 Meeting starts

* Administrivia _[2min]_
    * Approval agenda
    > No issues raised. Agenda approved.
    * Approval minutes last call
    > No issues raised. Minutes last call approved.
* IETF update [Chairs] _[5min]_
    * IETF96 in Berlin
    * skeleton for the slides in bitbucket
        * https://bitbucket.org/6tisch/meetings/src/master/160718_ietf96_berlin/
    * agenda ietf published
        * https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/96/agenda.html
    * plugtest 15-16 July
    * hackaton 16 July
    * 6lo meeting 18 July, morning
    * 6TiSCH meeting 18 July, afternoon
    * 6LPWA moved to Friday, Pascal asked AD to move it back to Monday
    * DetNet meeting 18 July Monday late afternoon
    * F-Interop meeting/session for 1h. Alternatively Tue Morning.
    * Proposed Agenda for IETF meeting
        * 20 min for SF + 20min for 6P
* update security [Michael Richardson] _[15min]_
    * Doodle poll to stablish a new weekly meeting time for the security design
    team * Propose 45 min before 6TiSCH meeting * **[Pascal]** it would be good
    to have text to see what we want to achieve in the security design team *
    **[Pascal]** for example, discussions about PSK vs no PSK, certicates, etc.
    Define what is the approach we take and justify why others are not required.
        * https://doodle.com/poll/y8vgcnxca5dychke
* plugtest: draft test description [Maria Rita, presented by Xavi] _[15min]_
    * **[Xavi]** Presents the plugtest; group of experts selected, includes
    Maroa-Rita, Xavi, tengfei and Thomas. Idea to develop the drafts on openWSN
    and make that a golden device with openMotes. * **[Xavi]** Days are 15 and
    16 not 17. Includes the previsou pugtests plus new functions. There will be
    security, which was lacking on early minimal plugtest. We'll have tests for
    SF0 using 6top. SF0 will cover over provisoinning of bootstrap and runtime.
    * **[Xavi]** We'll also test 6LoRH and interduce test of backbone operation
    and registration of nodes * **[Xavi]** Plan is 21 tests. The final list
    should be available today (6/24) and publish the goldeen device by July 4th
    * **[Thomas]** Question about BBR. Test content OK? * **[Xavi]** describes
    the flows being tested * **[Pascal]** Yes, perfect
* update 6top [Qin] _[15min]_
    * **[Xavi]**: ready to publish 01. Lists comments addressed on slide 24.
    Last change on concurrent trasactions that explains what happens when there
    are concurrent transactions. * **[Xavi]**: do we want a method to resync a
    node that rebooted. One proposal is to have a message to get all the cells
    scheduled. * **[Thomas]** Question of complexity, and message size, maybe
    easier to simply reset all * **[Xavi]** Then we'd need to design a reset
    message at least * **[Pascal]** Let's continue this on the ML. Resetting
    will cause packet loss since there are no cells to carry the current
    traffic. Maybe we can represent the allocated cells in a concise fashion
    using a bitmap of sorts.

* AOB _[1min]_
    * No issues raised.