Minutes for 6TISCH at interim-2016-6tisch-8

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4e (6tisch) WG
Title Minutes for 6TISCH at interim-2016-6tisch-8
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Meeting Minutes

   ## DRAFT ##

# Minutes, 13 May 2016 interim, 6TiSCH WG #

Connection details

* Date: 7-8am Pacific:
* Webex link:
* Webex recording:
     * Recording password: DqBDTJT2
* Meeting Slides: https://bitbucket.org/6tisch/meetings/
* Wiki: https://bitbucket.org/6tisch/meetings/wiki/160513_webex
* Slides:

Taking notes _(using Etherpad)_

Michael Richardson
Xavi Vilajosana

1. Pascal Thubert

Present _(alphabetically)_

1. Chonggang Wang
1. C-Y Lee
1. Diego Dujovne
1. Dominique Barthel
1. Francesca Palombini
1. Göran Selander
1. Jonathan Muñoz
1. Malisa Vucinic
1. Michael Richardson
1. Nicola Accettura
1. Pascal Thubert
1. Pat Kinney
1. Rashid Sangi
1. S.V.R. Anand
1. Satish Anamalamudi
1. Sedat Gormus
1. Seema Kumar
1. Sumankumar Panchal
1. Suresh Krishnan
1. Tamer Elzayyat
1. Tengfei Chang
1. Thomas Watteyne
1. Xavi Vilajosana
1. Zacharie Brodard

Action Items

1. Diego to send to the ML a proposal to add a response code indicating cells
not available due to concurrent transaction 2. Diego to send to the ML a
clarification on the bootsraping status and actions. 3. Xavi to propose text on
ML, and get it done in one doc cycle 4. Thomas to update the terminology for
the terms "Link" and "Ack"


* Administrivia _[2min]_
    * Approval agenda
    * Approval minutes last call
* round-stable draft status _[10min]_
    * update draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-protocol
    * update draft-dujovne-6tisch-6top-sf0
    * update draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal
* high-bandwidth forum for ML discussions _[10min]_
    * "Doubts in 3-step transactions mentioned in
    draft-wang-6tisch-6top-protocol-00" * "comments on latest terminology draft"
* outcome security DT meeting _[20min]_
* AOB _[3min]_


* Administrivia
    * Approval agenda
    > The agenda is approved. No issues raised
    * Approval minutes last call
    > The minutes of the last call are approved. No issues raised

* round-stable draft status
    * update draft-ietf-6tisch-6top-protocol
         * 6top adopted and  v00 published
         * minor typos to be corrected
         * concurrent transactions require a locking mechanism in candidate list
         *  Pat Kinney: we need to enable retries if we want it to be more
          * Diego: Proposes to add a new response code to indicate no resources
          available while in concurrent transaction.
    * update draft-dujovne-6tisch-6top-sf0
        * v00 published
        * typos to be corrected
        * envision more than one SF function. If some initial state is stored
        in the SF. * How this is aggregated in the lower layers. * all
        scheduling functions should do something at startup -> section about
        boot rules * remove steps 5 and 6 and add over-provisioning

    * update draft-ietf-6tisch-minimal
        * Clarify the use of RPL within the draft.
        * Action to do a revision in 1month. Addressing all the comments from
        Charlie. *

* high-bandwidth forum for ML discussions
    * "Doubts in 3-step transactions mentioned in
        * Satish proposes a new mechanism for the 3-way transaction
        * the scheduling function decides what the cell list means.
        * Seema: in the new proposal it is difficult to differentiate between
        the 2 step and the 3 step mechanism as the candidate list is present in
        the first message in both cases. * The SF is the responsible of
        deciding what of the 6top mechanisms. * the 6top protocol is the
        carrier of the data. the SF decides what if 2 or 3 steps are used. We
        have not considered that both models can be used at the same time. In
        case this is needed, the metadata field can be used to indicate that. *
        Pascal: If the requester is a child, then it does not know which chunk
        is owned by the parent and it cannot propose a candidate list of cells.
        What it could do is propose a candidate list of slot offsets that are
        free in its schedule
    * "comments on latest terminology draft"
        * discussion about the concept of Link.
        * Action: Thomas Watteyne to propose a link definition. define them as
        IETF links * (discussed somewhat later but applying here)
            * Pat Kinney: ack needs to be defined in the terminology according
            to the ietf meaning. * Thomas Watteyne: we will use response. *
            Pat: yes

* outcome security DT meeting
    * Michael Richardson had to leave 10:50.
    * first meeting of the security meeting.
    * minutes not completely collected.
    * use of oscoap for 6tisch
    * using object security at coap level, the join interaction can be managed.
    * 3 options. pre-shared keys, certificates, RPK.
    * Goran presents OSCOAP slide. Looking for the minimal solution.
    * Proposes an update to send key K2 as part of the first answer
    * Pascal: getting K2 on the first exchange would be great. We could use K2
    to protect the global IPv6 address in the ND registration, and carry the
    configuration flow in the ND registration so at the end of the second flow
    we have authenticated, obtained K2 and registered the IPv6 address securely
    * PSK requires 2 flows of messages.

    * new tutorials about 6tisch technology to be presented in the following
    days.. * Plugtest before the IETF Berlin meeting. Friday afternoon,
    Saturday and Sunday Morning. * Announce the event in the following days. *
    No other B.