Minutes for NTP at interim-2016-ntp-1

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Title Minutes for NTP at interim-2016-ntp-1
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Meeting Minutes

NTP/TICTOC WG Interim Meeting
11 February 2016

Karen called the meeting to order and reviewed the Note Well. 


Dieter Sibold: The editors have a couple of changes they want to make
soon; they expect a small update to both documents next week, then
support WGLC.

Karen wants to LC all three docs at once.  No issues raised with that

Richard Welty is about to upload code to NTF to implement all
extension fields.  He then plans to work with Danny Mayer re: generic
extension field processing and MAC handling.  He plans to write tests
to show how extension field processing is supposed to work.

Karen asked if everyone still wanted to go through with IANA Early
Assignment.  Richard: we don't really require it.  We're okay with
assignment later in the process.  Danny Mayer: we might want to do it
earlier than LC - no objection either way.  Karen: we'll plan to go
ahead with WGLC.  We can always decide to ask for early assignment

Danny: we'll probably set up an extension field MAC to replace the
existing MAC.  It would be in addition to the current one for now,
with a goal of getting rid of the existing one.  Issue: the current
one doesn't scale.  Basically same thing, but will recast it as an
extension field.

Richard: code does have a small dependency on OpenSSL internals.
Talking with OpenSSL team re: how to proceed.  Need OpenSSL 1.0.2 for
now.  This dependency will likely be fixed in 1.1.0.

Kristof Teichel has heard of a second NTS implementation in progress;
likely not as far along as NTF's implementation, but expecting to be
finsihed in April - it's part of a thesis project.  Karen encouraged
Kristof to invite him to join us.

Richard Welty changed his answer re: early assignment: he thinks there
is a need to pre allocate OIDs: if we want them to be part of OpenSSL
1.1.0, they need those in about a month.  Karen tasked Richard to talk
to Tal about the specifics to make sure we're asking for the right

Karen is thinking of a three week WGLC.  Several voices argued for a
longer WGLC: four week+.

Karen also plans to post a note to the SAAG list asking for review.



Denis Reilly: no changes to report.  He would like to have more help.
Denis has placed the draft in github.  Has had offers of explaining
leap seconds, etc., but has not gotten any submissions of text.  He
welcomes editing the XML or sending him text.  He wants someone else
to write the security portion.



Greg Dowd: 1588 MIB is almost done.  Tim offered to pick this up.
Content is done, but formatting is presenting challenges.  Brian
Haberman offered some guidance on how to get through this.  Karen
thinks she has someone who can help with this; taking discussion

Transporting timing over MPLS: no document authors on the call.  After
meeting, Karen will ask authors if they want to move forward to not.
It went through one WGLC before.  It was intended to be an
experimental RFC.

Enterprise profile: Denis likes the body of the document and thinks it
should go forward.  WGLC will be issued.

Yang model for 1588 v2: Karen gave some background on the document.
No questions or comments.


Karen spoke about how IEEE 1588 work intersects with tictoc work.  The
1588 WG is planning to publish an update in 2017.  Two areas of
intersection: one, we expect some parts of NTS to be incorporated into
1588.  Second area is YANG model for 1588.

Karen spoke about a presentation at the Yokohama meeting from Huawei
re: scalable clock sync networks.  They're doing some modeling work
generic to all sync systems, not specific to our protocols.  There is
a new list for that work; Karen has asked them to keep us updated.

Charter updates: Karen wants a put together a small editing team to
produce new charter language.  Thinking of a single time-related
working group combining NTP, tictoc, and anything else.  Work to
include NTP update, larger-scale networks, etc.  Eric S Raymond
volunteered to help.

The next meeting will be March 10th.  After the charter update, we may
move time slot around to better accommodate those in Asia.  No