Minutes interim-2017-6tisch-10: Fri 07:00

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4e (6tisch) WG
Title Minutes interim-2017-6tisch-10: Fri 07:00
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Meeting Minutes

## DRAFT ##

# Minutes, 12 May 2017 interim, 6TiSCH WG #

Note: timestamps in PDT.

Connection details

* Date: 7-8am Pacific:
* Webex link:
* Webex Recording:
      * Recording password: Zj22kx7d
* Material link:

Present _(previous meeting)_

1. Thomas Watteyne
1. Pascal Thubert
1. A Paventhan
1. Diego Dujovne
1. Jonathan Munoz
1. Malisa Vucinic
1. Malisa Vucinic
1. Maria Rita Palattella
1. Michael Richardson
1. Remy Leone
1. Sumankumar Panchal
1. Tengfei Chang
1. Yasuyuki Tanaka

Action Items _(previous meeting)_

* Thomas to contact Carsten
* Thomas to contact Maria Rita and Miguel and coordinate PlugTest
* Xavi and Qin to review SF0
* Jonathan to review 6P after Charlie's comments are addressed
* Xavi and Qin to address Charlie's comments
* Xavi to bootrap research liaison
* Diego to write an email and open a ticket to track the issues between SF and

Taking notes _(using Etherpad)_

1. Pascal Thubert
1. Thomas Watteyne

Action Items

* Diego to start a thread on time out computation between SF0 and 6P. Whether
ASN of the time out should be indicated in the packet.


* Administrivia                              [ 7min]
     * Agenda bashing
     * Approval minutes from last meeting
     * Addressing todo's from last time
     * News from PlugTest

* 6P finalization (Thomas, Qin)              [20min]
* SF0 finalization (Diego)                   [20min]
* Update on security (Michael/Malisa)        [ 5min]
* AOB                                        [ 3min]


* [07:05]Administrivia                            [ 7min]
     * Agenda bashing
     * Approval minutes from last meeting => Approved
     * Minutes of last meeting; this agenda approval
          * [Michael] "MR" in the todos refers to Maria Rita, not Michael
          Richardson * no other comments
     * Addressing todo from last time
     * News from PlugTest
* [7:12] 6P finalization (Qin)              [20min]
     * Addressing Charlie's comments, most of them accepted
     * Qin: Charlie suggests a terminology section. We have a terminology
     document. * Tech comments are addressed one by one, list below. * TW:
     metadata is not always the same but is limited to 2 bytes * Qin: How to
     express in the draft. We say same usage, gives impression that the meta
     data is the same. * Thomas: we may say same usage but not same content *
     Qin: OK * Qin: On 6P vs. SF0, some considerations being potentially
     impracticla. need to chat with SF0 people to address feasibility. *
     Thomas: about aggregating SFs, well not supported * Thomas: Registry does
     not exist, lost cause to start one now. * Diego: there was also the
     requiremtn to define time out but I think it does not belong to SF0.
     Should be in 6P. SF0 has no tools to defined time outs. * Thomas: Why *
     Diego: we do not know how long to wait. Would that be the longest time
     possible? Impractical. Each transaction may be different. SF0 can handle
     the time out but not compute the value of the timer. * Thomas: The time
     out depend on the schedule * Qin: different SF will have a same or
     different values? * Thomas: the SF may know that it needs an adiitional
     delay. * Diego: SF0 has no control of the duration * Pascal: 6P could
     return a duration when SF0 sends a packet and SF0 includes that in its
     time out. * Pascal: SF on node A adds in the request the ASN of the time
     out * Thomas yes we need a thread on that

* [7:42] SF0 finalization (Diego)                   [20min]
     * Diego: there were discussions on terms and functions (too fast for
     minute taker, see recording). * there are 2 proposed algorithms; very
     different from one another. The changes only impact the first. One passes
     data to the other, that was clarified. * Qin: Initial status of SF0? What
     time are overprovisionned cells added? * initial status is 0 cells. We are
     only having overprovisionned that were used cells in previous instance
     (next time). * Thomas: figure 1 on page 5

* [7:52] Update on security (Michael/Malisa)       [ 5min]
     * Michael has no update at this time

* [7:57] AOB