Minutes interim-2017-6tisch-14: Fri 07:00

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4e (6tisch) WG
Title Minutes interim-2017-6tisch-14: Fri 07:00
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Meeting Minutes

Note: timestamps in PDT.
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•       Date: 22 September 2017 7-8am Pacific
•       Webex Recording:
        o       Recording password: Si67iq7D
•       Material link:
Present 1.      Diego Dujovne 2.      Fabrice Theoleyre 3.      Jonathan Munoz
4.      Keoma Brun-Laguna 5.      Malisa Vucinic 6.      Michael Richardson 7. 
    Pascal Thubert 8.      Qin Wang 9.      Remy Liu 10.     Robert Barton 11. 
   Simon Duquennoy 12.     Sumankumar Panchal 13.     Tengfei Chang 14.    
Thomas Watteyne Taking notes (using Etherpad) 1.      Michael 2.      Pascal 3.
     Thomas Action Items •       TODO
        o       Pascal to trigger WGLC for 6P
        o       Thomas to add text in 6P revision as indicated below
•       [07:05] Administrivia [10min]
        o       Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
        o       Status of drafts (WGLC / forthcoming WGLC)
        o       Last meeting todos
•       [07:15] Using the datapath for faster local repair (Pascal) [15min]
•       [07:30] Influence of Link Metric on reliability; ETX^n (Simon) [10min]
•       [07:40] Open Discussion [18min]
•       [08:00] AOB [ 2min]
•       TODO
•       [07:05] Administrivia [10min]
        o       Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
        o       both approved
        o       Status of drafts (WGLC / forthcoming WGLC)
•       new milestones published,
•       Last meeting todos
        o       Pascal to publish the agreed milestones
        o       Pascal to publish Michael's zerotouch 00 doc [confirmed!]
        o       Thomas to review the draft 6P
        o       Xavi to publish (may delay to include the relocation discussion)
        o       Thomas to propose a new meeting next week (Friday same time?)
        to discuss further RPL lossless.

•       6top changes
        o       Thomas: there is now a relocate comment. Node A asks node B to
        move one or more slots somewhere else in the cell list. Neighbor answer
        by success, I moved thiose there. o       Thomas gives examples from
        the new 6top protocol document (08) just published
•       6top status: almost published for some time, 08 published today
        o       Q on the ML waswhether there is a way to move not the first but
        only the second cell in the list? o       Thomas: I think thios is over
        complicated o       Qin: yes that is the ML discussion. At the
        beginning we wanted to use combination. In case only one can move out
        of 2, should we move one or delete 2? o       Thomas: this is a case of
        collision, we do not want to delete the cell. We need to add text on
        that. o       Tengfei: Same case as delete; if there is only one that
        exist it should return error code
       action item: add IOW what happens if a relocate command is issue for a
cell that doesn't exist        action item: add sentence which says that for
cells that couldn't be relocated, do not delete
        o       Remi: If teh 1st fails to relocate than the second will not be
        relocated either o       Thomas yes, all cells are equivalent, and we
        move the first first. For non equivalent cells, use separate commands
•       [07:15] Using the datapath for faster local repair (Pascal) [15min]
        o       Pascal presents slides..
        o       Q: do we take the risk of attaching to a parent with a higher
        rank (risks creating a loop) o       is there a way to know that B is a
        better parent? (slide 10) o       MCR: asks if detection packets are
        real packets, Pascal says they are probably ICMPs to the DODAG root
        (slide 11) o       Simon: does something different, when we switch
        parents, if the parent has a higher rank, we do not send extra
        messages, just send real data, and look for RPI direction
        inconsistency.... we keep forwarding the packet to new parents. o      
        Simon: What if the inconsistency occurs before you detect it? This is
        different from standard RPL, because the looped packet is not dropped.
        o       Ensuing discussion about count to infinity and other things
        about slide 12, which were too fast to capture.
•       [07:30] Influence of Link Metric on reliability; ETX^n (Simon) [10min]
        o       Simon: 5-9's of delivery.
        o       TW: downward traffic... storing? non-storing? Simon: both.
        o       TW: why is a 50% is worse than two 100%? Simon: because 50%
        link will eventually lose traffic. o       Simon: ETX tells you that
        the energy cost of the two situations are the same. o       Simon:
        explains that the as the n (ETX^n) goes up, the churn seems to increase
        o       Pascal: suggests that hysterisis might solve that. o      
        Simon: explains that "LR" is Loss Rate. o       Simon: points out tht
        the upwards link success seems to go up as well. o       Simon: quick
        take through non-storing state to fix things.
•       [07:40] Open Discussion [18 min]
•       [07:58] AOB [ 2min]