Minutes interim-2017-ace-03: Thu 13:00

Meeting Minutes Authentication and Authorization for Constrained Environments (ace) WG
Title Minutes interim-2017-ace-03: Thu 13:00
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Meeting Minutes

ACE WG Interim Meeting

Time: Thursday, October 19, 2017
1:00 pm  |  Greenwich Time (Reykjavik, GMT)  |  1 hr

Chair: Hannes Tschofenig
Notes taker: Kepeng Li

Participants: Kepeng Li, Hannes, Carsten Bormann, Dave Robin, Goran, Jim
Schaad, Jiye, Kanishka, Ludwig Seitz, Malisa Vucinic, Martin Furuhed,
MikeStJohns, Panos Kampanakis, peter van der stok, Piotr Polak, Shahid, Stevie
Beck, Kathleen Moriarty

Peter presented EST over secure CoAP:
https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-vanderstok-ace-coap-est-02 Goran presented
Enrollment with Application Layer Security:

Question 1: Should we work on certification management in parallel with profile
work: Panos Kampanakis : yes Shahid: Yes Martin Furuhed: Yes Mališa Vučinić:
yes peter van der stok: YES Dave Robin: Yes Sandeep: yes Stevie Beck: yes
Carsten Bormann: yes Ludwig: yes Mike StJohns: no opinion Kanishka: I am just
observing the discussion, I wish not to vote. Conclusion: Yes, we should work
on certificate management in parallel with profile work.

Question 2: For the two solutions (EST over CoAP, EALS), which one should we
work on, and which one first?

Göran: Both
Martin Furuhed: Both
Shahid: Both
Panos Kampanakis: EST-coaps first because of vendor demand
peter van der stok: est-coaps first, but will comment on ELS
Carsten Bormann: The answer is that we should standardize the elements that are
needed Mališa Vučinić: both Ludwig: both Dave Robin: both, EST first perhaps
Stevie Beck: both, but preference on est-coaps Jiye: both Conclusion: both,
EST-coaps first.

Chairs will post the questions to the list.