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Minutes IETF 98 BOF coordination interim-2017-iesg-04 2017-02-15 16:00

Meeting Minutes Internet Engineering Steering Group (iesg) IETF
Date and time 2017-02-15 16:00
Title Minutes IETF 98 BOF coordination interim-2017-iesg-04 2017-02-15 16:00
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Last updated 2024-02-23

Minutes of the IESG/IAB BoF Coordination Teleconference IETF 98
15 February 2017

Reported by: Amy Vezza, IETF Secretariat

Additional reference materials available at the BoF Wiki

Jari Arkko / IETF Chair, General Area
Alia Atlas / Routing Area
Ignas Bagdonas / Scribe
Deborah Brungard / Routing Area
Ben Campbell / Applications and Real-Time Area
Benoit Claise / Operations and Management Area
Alissa Cooper / Applications and Real-Time Area
Spencer Dawkins / Transport Area
Ralph Droms / IAB
Lars Eggert / IRTF Chair
Stephen Farrell / Security Area
Mat Ford / ISOC
Ted Hardie / IAB
Susan Hares / Scribe
Joe Hildebrand / IAB
Russ Housley / IAB
Lee Howard / IAB
Joel Jaeggli / Operations and Management Area
Suresh Krishnan / Internet Area
Mirja Kuehlewind / Transport Area
Warren Kumari / Incoming Operations and Management Area
Terry Manderson / Internet Area
Allison Mankin / Incoming IRTF Chair
Alexey Melnikov / Applications and Real-Time Area
Cindy Morgan / IETF Secretariat
Alexa Morris / IETF Secretariat
Kathleen Moriarty / Security Area
Erik Nordmark / IAB
Eric Rescorla / Incoming Security Area
Alvaro Retana / Routing Area
Robert Sparks / IAB
Andrew Sullivan / IAB Chair
Dave Thaler / IAB
Martin Thomson / IAB
Brian Trammel/ IAB
Amy Vezza / IETF Secretariat
Suzanne Woolf / IAB

John Leslie / Scribe
Stephanie McCammon / IETF Secretariat


Name: JSON Message Access Protocol (jmap)
Token: Alexey Melnikov

Alexey Melnikov noted that the JMAP proposed working group charter is out for
review and it will likely be a working group by the Chicago meeting. As such,
it was on the agenda as a placeholder and to make sure it gets a session
requested for IETF 98.

There was a brief discussion on the size of the room requested, and Alexey was
advised to ask for a bigger room.

The Proposed Working Group was approved for a one and a half hour agenda
session slot at IETF 98.

Name: Glass-to-Glass Internet Ecosystem (ggie)
Token: Ben Campbell

Ben Campbell introduced the GGIE proposed BoF, mentioning that this BoF had
been put forth before but received limited interest. He added that he wasn't
sure there was any difference between this new BoF request and previous
requests that were not approved.

Lars Eggert noted that he wasn't sure this proposal was viable.

Spencer Dawkins asked if the subject of glass-to-glass internet ecosystems had
been discussed in the DISPATCH WG.

Ben mentioned they had been to DISPATCH twice.

Eric Rescorla agreed with Lars; he didn't think this was a viable idea. He
noted they had gone through the process, but not proved there was substantial

Andrew Sullivan noted that he had been asked to shepherd the effort and he had
generated some traffic on the mailing list. He said that they had running code.

Dave Thaler mentioned that Bits-n-Bites might be a place for them to demo their
ideas. In response it was noted that they had a table at a previous IETF, but
the demo did not bring in more interested people.

Robert Sparks noted that it sounded like the proponents have not yet found a
way to articulate the problem for IETF work. He recommends not approving the

Mirja Kuehlewind agreed with Robert in recommending not approving the BoF.

Ben wanted to know if anyone had objection to a side meeting or Bar BoF. There
was no objection to the Bar BoF suggestion.

The proposed BoF was not approved for a session slot at IETF 98.


Name: WGs Using GitHub (wugh)
Token: Jari Arkko/Alissa Cooper

Jari Arkko mentioned that he wanted this discussion to happen. He thought a one
hour agenda session would be sufficient.

Dave Thaler noted that the conflict list was extremely long and wondered if the
list could be prioritized to make scheduling easier.

Alissa agreed the conflict list was long, but that it was limited to related
areas, and mostly the length was due to IETF attendees who have expressed
interest or expertise with regard to GitHub.

Martin Thomson mentioned he and Alia Atlas had been working on writing an I-D
on this subject.

Dave Thaler noted that this had been discussed before during the WG Chairs
Forum lunch, but thought that the move to a more formal meeting was appropriate.

There was a brief discussion on the size of the room needed for the meeting,
and all agreed a room for 100 would be sufficient.

The proposed BoF was approved for a one hour session slot at IETF 98.

Name: IASA 2.0 (iasa20)
Token: Jari Arkko/Alissa Cooper

Jari Arkko introduced the proposed BoF and mentioned that there are workshops
on the subject in the next few weeks, and the BoF at IETF 98 would likely
discuss the information coming out of those workshops. He went on to note that
there is work to be done before the BoF, but wants to get the BoF on the agenda.

There was a brief discussion about the appropriate room size for the BoF. The
proposed BoF was approved for a one hour session slot in a room for at least
100 people.




Name: Coordinated Address Space Management (casm)
Token: Benoit Claise

Benoit Claise introduced the proposed BoF CASM. He mentioned there were two or
three drafts already in OPSAWG. The proponents had asked for a BoF last time
and were declined because it was a last minute request. There has been a lot of
preparations since then, and the OPS Area Directors wanted to approve the BoF
session slot as a non-WG forming BoF.

Joel Jaeggli noted that there has been a group effort to tighten the scope of
the questions the BoF was attempting to answer.

Warren Kumari mentioned that a number of IPAM vendors are open source, so the
community interest may be bigger than it appears to be.

Allison Mankin brought up the relatively few discussions on the email list.

Warren responded that the list was not accurate, as the list is new and a lot
of preliminary discussion happened on the OPSAWG mailing list.

Ralph Droms added some anecdotal evidence that there might be a wider audience
for the work as there were interested parties in other areas.

Joel agreed, but noted the level of interest may fluctuate depending on the
answers to the questions raised at the BoF.

The proposed BoF was approved for a one and a half hour session slot at IETF 98.


Name: In-Situ OAM (ioam)
Token: Alvaro Retana

Alvaro Retana noted that this was a placeholder BoF for a proposed working
group currently in Internal Review. He went on to say it may or may not be a
working group by the Chicago IETF.

Stephen Farrell mentioned he had a lot of issues with the current charter, but
had no issues with approving a BoF slot for IETF 98.

Mirja Kuehlewind voiced some concerns over the scope of the charter, and
wondered if the work belonged in the Routing Area.

Joel Jaeggli mentioned the subject was discussed in OPSAWG, and they were ready
to adopt the documents.

Alvaro noted the chartering effort hasn't gotten to external review where the
community would have a chance to discuss the charter.

After a short discussion regarding the readiness of the charter, the proposed
BoF was approved for a two hour session slot at IETF 98.


Name: A Protocol for Dynamic Trusted Execution Environment Enablement (teep)
Token: Kathleen Moriarty

Kathleen Moriarty introduced the proposed TEEP BoF. She mentioned they had a
document and a community and seemed to be ready to hold a BoF.

Dave Thaler mentioned it looked like they had the support of more than one
company for this work.

Kathleen noted that once they mentioned they were using JOSE, so there might be
more interest from the JOSE community.

Dave responded he thought there might also be crossover with OPS Area, but
wasn't sure.

Warren Kumari agreed it wouldn't hurt to advertise the session in the OPSAWG,
and add OPSAWG and OPSAREA to the conflict list. He mentioned it was different
than how the OPS dealt with it, but might be useful to explore.

Ben Campbell mentioned there might be some overlap with CoAP for the conflict

There was a short discussion on whether the BoF was looking to be WG forming,
and Kathleen admitted she did not think it was ready for that at this point.

Eric Rescorla asked if a side meeting might be better.

Dave Thaler responded that there would be better attendance with a BoF, and
recommended that.

The proposed BoF was approved for a one and a half hour agenda session slot at
IETF 98.

Name: Firmware Update Description (fud)
Token: Kathleen Moriarty

Kathleen Moriarty introduced the proposed FUD BoF, but noted that there was a
noted lack of materials from the proponents and at most she was inclined to
give them some time in the Security Area Open Meeting (SAAG).

Dave Thaler agreed, as he could find limited discussion and no documents for
the group.

Spencer Dawkins agreed, but wanted to make sure the effort was more visible to
the wider community where it could attract more participation.

The proposed BoF was not approved for an agenda session slot at IETF 98.

Name: Internet-Level Consistancy (ILC)
Token: Kathleen Moriarty/Stephen Farrell

Kathleen Moriarty mentioned that she doesn't think this proposed BoF was ready.
She mentioned there were no materials or documents ready for discussion, and
she would prefer to offer them some time in the Security Area Open Meeting
(SAAG) for the Chicago meeting, and perhaps a BoF or WG slot in Prague.

The proposed BoF was not approved for an agenda session slot at IETF 98.