Minutes interim-2017-regext-03: Wed 15:00

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Title Minutes interim-2017-regext-03: Wed 15:00
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Meeting Minutes

   We held an interim meeting on October 11th, 2017 to discuss the current Fee and
Validate draft documents.

In attendance was Jody Kolker, Antoin Verschuren, James Galvin, and Roger
Carney. Alex Mayrhofer sent his regrets.

1. Fee
   a. Confirm Edits (section 3.8 and section 4.0)
   b. Discuss WG Last Call
2. Validate
   a. A validate/verification framework discussion
   b. Validate group processing of contacts

With the limited number of participants the only topic we briefly discussed was
the Fee document and that we have a few more minor edits (coming from
implementation findings) for a revision 9 and that revision should be ready for
last call. This next revision will be publish prior to IETF-100.

Again, thanks to all that participated in this call, hopefully we can get more
participation in future meetings.