Minutes interim-2017-stir-01: Fri 13:00

Meeting Minutes Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (stir) WG
Title Minutes interim-2017-stir-01: Fri 13:00
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Meeting Minutes

STIR Interim Meeting
16 June 2017
1900 UTC, via WebEx 

Thanks to Eric Burger and Russ Housley for taking notes.

Robert - Agenda Bashing
No changes to the agenda were requested.
Reminder that the NOTE WELL applies to this meeting.  See

Jon Peterson: Out of Band (draft-rescola-fallback-02)
Discussion the processing of PASSporT by a Call Placement Service (CPS):
Draft: CPS accepts a PASSporT with an ‘acceptable’ root
Eric B.: Should just be a hint; whether a particular PASSporT is accepted
   or not is a matter of local policy
EKR: Would the receiving CPS need to know about all other CPS?
Mary: For the gateway use case, the gateway would probably have an
   account at the CPS.
Jon: I would not want to require an account, as that would kill the
   possibility of having an open, public service.  That said, would
   expect existing STIR credentials would already be trusted.  I would
   not rule out pre-association, such as an account, from the gateway.

Discussion on how to query the CPS to retrieve the PASSporT:
EKR: Is this not a pen register?
Robert: We probably need to assert both called and calling identities.
Jon: Likely, but still have a problem with diversion, which we will talk
   about later.  Also, there is potentially a problem because you are
   handing all the metadata to the CPS; conversely, someone can attack
   a CPS to extract metadata.  Plan to address the former with
   encryption.  Not sure there is a technical solution for the latter.

Discussion on WG Adoption:
Shockey: I will not work on the document. 
Robert: Will take call for adoption to the list.

Martin Dolly: RPH extension (draft-singh-stir-rph-00)
Martin discussed the recently posted Internet-Draft that proposes a
PASSPorT Extension for Resource-Priority Authorization.  There was a
suggestion to reduce the complexity of the "rph" claim by eliminating
one layer of nesting.

Robert: Will take call for adoption to the list.

Jon Peterson: CNAM (draft-peterson-stir-cnam-02)
Discussion the proposed addition of the "cna" claim to PASSporT, which
is intended to be richer that Caller-ID:
Shockey: A lot of people outside the IETF are working on this topic.  Is
   this a generic object transport proposal or something interoperable?
General discussion ensued over the fact that calling name delivery is
   outright illegal in many jurisdictions, including most of the
   European continent, so this topic really a North American issue.

Robert: Will take call for adoption to the list with the understanding
   that draft-peterson-stir-cnam will be posted with a new filename that
   avoids the use of "cnam" to eliminate the potential for confusion
   with other activities that are taking place in other fora.

Jon Peterson: Diversion (draft-peterson-passport-divert-01)
Discussion of the handling of retargeted calls.  Is a reason code needed
to indicate that retargeting has taken place?
Mary offered to send use cases to the list.

Robert: Heard lots of interest to adopt this document. Will take call
   for adoption to the list.

Plan to discuss Connected ID at the upcoming IETF 99 meeting in Prague.