Minutes interim-2018-homenet-11: Tue 11:00

Meeting Minutes Home Networking (homenet) WG
Title Minutes interim-2018-homenet-11: Tue 11:00
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Meeting Minutes

20181023 IETF homenet wg interim meeting


Webex details:
https://ietf.webex.com/ietf/j.php?MTID=mca447be3b15845189801f00cf05f1d21 Jabber
room: xmpp:homenet@jabber.ietf.org?join (will only be used if requested)
etherpad: https://etherpad.tools.ietf.org/p/notes-20181023-homenet

[ Chairs - did not forget to hit "record" button:-) ]


- Barbara Stark
- Stephen Farrell

- Michael Richardson
- Ted Lemon
- John Woodworth

Minute taker:
- chairs + help, in etherpad


1. Agenda bash
2. Identify/progress issues with
3. Next meeting: Bangkok
4. AOB


1. Agenda bash

2. homenet-simple-naming
   was sync'd to https://github.com/ietf-homenet-wg/simple-naming before call
   for today's call google doc is it, diff vs. current ID:

    Chatting about new(ish) sections, that WG participants may want to look at
    before IETF103
        - section 11, HDeRP which is the new bit, and provides a way for an ISP
          delegate a global name to a homenet (if not done otherwise)
        - (end of) section 4:  MCR: maybe we want to ask IANA to add a ULA
          documentation prefix like fd00:2001:db8::/48 (see end of section 4)
        - section 7.2: homenet reverse mapping update protocol
        - section 6.3: DNS Push
        - section 2.1: CDN issue/difficulty (with >1 ISP) may need more text
        & more
          text in section 6 (just before 6.1) about provisioning domains
        - +lots of new text (go read it all:-)
        - formatting issue in mid section 6
        - Ted will push out new I-D before extended cutoff today

        Ted also planning to write a document extending
          HNCP (also today) that'll be referenced from simple-naming

3. Next call: None scheduled; next meeting: Bangkok

- Barbara: Post IETF103, do we want more of these calls? They're useful even if
  sparsely attended.
- Ted: has been useful, may want to try a few more before year end
- MCR: also happy to continue, may be implementing some of this in Jan, not
- John: also interested in future calls, won't be @ IETF103

4. AOB

Barbara: HOWTO get more folks engaged and providing feedback?
Planning to allow unstructured time @IETF103 for folks to discuss
simple-naming (will send mail to list before meeting).