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Minutes interim-2018-lpwan-03: Tue 17:00

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networks (lpwan) WG
Title Minutes interim-2018-lpwan-03: Tue 17:00
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Last updated 2018-02-13

Connection details

*    Date: February 13, 2018
*    Time: 8-9AM DST, 17:00 CEST:,1816670,5391959,5128581&h=2988507&date=2018-01-16&sln=17-18
*    Webex Link:
*    Meeting number: 204 648 433

*    Meeting password: 62YbPWpj (62927975 from phones)
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*    Access code: 204 648 433
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Minute takers

*    Ana Minaburo
*    Pascal Thubert
*    Dominique Barthel
*    Alexander Pelov
*    Julien Catalano


*    Pascal Thubert
*    Laurent Toutain
*    Ana minaburo
*    Carles Gomez
*    Hao Wang
*    Julien Catalano
*    Jorge Gallego
*    Alex Pelov
*    Juan-Carlos Zuniga
*    Diego Dujovne
*    Anna Yankova

Past Attendees

*    Alex Pelov
*    Felipe Díaz-Sánchez
*    Ana minaburo
*    Dominique Barthel
*    Laurent Toutain
*    Carles Gomez
*    Ivaylo Petrov
*    Juan-Carlos Zuniga
*    Julien Catalano
*    Orne Brocaar
*    Pascal Thubert
*    Vijay Gharge
*    Orne Brocaar
*    Paventhan Arumugam
*    Paul Duffy

*    Pascal Thubert
*    Alex Pelov
*    Laurent Toutain
*    Ana Minaburo
*    Vanessa Valderrama
*    Dominique Barthel
*    Julien Catalano
*    Edgar Ramos
*    Carles Gomez
*    J Sanchez
*    Ramon Sanchez
*    Juan-Carlos Zuniga
*    Felipe Díaz-Sánchez

Action Items

* Pascal: Make sure that tickets creation and update are pushed to the WG ML
* Pascal: T2TRG move to first priority
* Pascal: Try to make LPWAN happen Mon-Wednesday

Action Items from last time

* Update SCHC draft


*    [17:05] Administrivia                                           [10min]
    o    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
    o    Status of drafts

*    [17:15] Preparation of IETF 101                                 [40min]
*    [17:55] AOB


*    [17:05] Administrivia                                           [10min]
    o    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
    o    Status of drafts

Pascal: opening, note-well, bluesheets (we need your name, blue-sheets are now

*    [17:15] Preparation of IETF 101                                 [40min]

Pascal: The LPWAN overview will soon be published.
Pascal: Ana, any idea on how much time you need to apply all changes to the
document? Ana: Worked all day with Laurent and Carles; Need more time to apply
all changes or create tickets. Ana: Missing Edgar and Juan Carlos' comments
(also some of Dominique and Pascal) Ana: New version by the cut-off (March 5th)
with most of comments done in the draft. For IETF meeting be able to discuss
tickets left open. Pascal: please add discussion on tickets to the mailing
list. Ana: Sending mail to the ML on every ticket. Pascal: action item: ask
tools add an automatic mail on every ticket. Ana: some questions that were
handled on the last interim - what to do with the tickets? Pascal: If the issue
was already discussed on the interim, add the resolution to the ticket, close
the ticket and send to the ML.

Pascal: Timing: 1,5h for the SCHC over IP/UDP ?
Ana: seems about right, somewhere around 15 tickets
Alex: Agree
Pascal: put editorials in one big ticket

Alex: SCHC-over-FOO - 10 minutes per document ?
Pascal: we need to check the document progress
Juan Carlos: Sigfox - yes, there will be updates, 5-10 min should be enough
Pascal: Julien, have you talked to the other candidates, you were willing to
contribute Julien: No progress for the moment, but there are good indications
to move fast Pascal: Be aware, that there are max 5 authors, if more than 5,
there should be one editor, maybe Ana, and the other authors will be listed as
contributors Pascal: ICMPv6 - Diego, update? Diego: will publish version for
next week Pascal: the quality of the work is important for considering
inclusion in the charter Diego: Remove ND, rewrite with smaller packets Alex:
there is a document from Dominique Barthel, please talk to him to see how to
advance Pascal: there are many things in ICMP, there are many topics to be
covered Pascal: there could be several documents Pascal: the point in the
meeting should be to defend that there is something to be done on ICMPv6. It's
like a mini-BoF on this aspect. Juan Carlos: it's beyond the question if it can
be implemented. It's on how useful this is. Not all the features will be
needed, regardless of it is needed. Pascal: yes on this. Laurent: the work on
the document from Dominique - it has not progressed since last IETF. There is a
discussion on implementation. It is on basic ICMPv6 compression, no ND. Diego:
implementation + specification was done in parallel. Every feature of ICMPv6
was mapped to LoRa, but can be extended into LPWAN. Pascal: the goal is not
mapping features. It's doing something useful.

Pascal: data model for SCHC Contexts
Alex: Last hackthon, did something based on YANG
Alex: write a specification about what we expect from this, ask CoMI or YANG
people what they think of it. Juan-Carlos: Alex, you don't want to do that
because of your chair position? Pascal: Shuresh(?) asked chairs not to do too
much Pascal: if nobody shows up, could Alex provide something? Alex: Yes. Will

Pascal: Minimal Context provioning protocol
Pascal: same feeling: we need something.

Pascal: Session request done for IETF101
1 session, 2,5hour. 1h15 SCHC. other documents. Rechartering.
90 attendees. We never fill the room.
Conflicts to avoid:
1st: 6lo, roll, 6tsch, core, intarea
2nd: ace detnet t2trg netconf
3rd: 6man lwig rift cbor
Julien: some info on the day of the meeting? LoRa Alliance Technical Committee
is having a meeting the same week. Pascal: LoRa Alliance meeting is Thursday
and Friday Pascal: try to contact the people to schedule on Mon-Wed

Juan Carlos: move t2trg to first priority

Pascal: Julien, would you come to London?
Julien: Lora Alliance meeting should be in Europe (France), so it's feasible.
Will come only if lp-wan meeting is Mon-Wed. Pascal: moving t2trg 1st priority
AND requesting meeting Mon-Wed is risky and may not be compatible. Pascal: what
do you prefer t2trg or Mon-Wed? Ana: prefer Mon-Tue!

Pascal: with Alex to propose an initial text for the rechartering. The
SCHC-over-FOO is already there. The Data Model and Minimal protocol should be
next, ICMPv6 last. Ana: document on the RuleID management - what size, how to
allocate? Pascal: Informational How-To document? Ana: yes Pascal: perfect, that
would be great, please prepare a couple of slides

*    [17:55] AOB

Ana: One of the comments coming over and over again: how to manage the ruleID.
Rechartering: explain RuleID: how it will be managed, done... Pascal: HOWTO