Minutes interim-2018-lpwan-04: Wed 17:00

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networks (lpwan) WG
Title Minutes interim-2018-lpwan-04: Wed 17:00
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Meeting Minutes

   Connection details

*    Date: May 16, 2018
*    Time: 8-9AM DST, 17:00 CEST:
*    Webex Link:

*    Meeting number: 202 477 894
*    Meeting password: QprtWqpe (77789773 from phones)

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Minute takers

*    Ana Minaburo
*    Pascal Thubert
*    Dominique Barthel
*    Julien Catalano


*    Ana Minaburo
*    Pascal Thubert
*    Dominique Barthel
*    Laurent Toutain
*    Carles Gomez
*    Juan-Carlos Zuniga
*    Julien Catalano
*    Alex Pelov
*    Edgar Ramos
*    Diego Dujovne
*    Ricardo Andreasen

Past Attendees

*    Alex Pelov
*    Felipe Díaz-Sánchez
*    Ana minaburo
*    Dominique Barthel
*    Laurent Toutain
*    Carles Gomez
*    Ivaylo Petrov
*    Juan-Carlos Zuniga
*    Julien Catalano
*    Orne Brocaar
*    Pascal Thubert
*    Vijay Gharge
*    Orne Brocaar
*    Paventhan Arumugam
*    Paul Duffy

*    Pascal Thubert
*    Alex Pelov
*    Laurent Toutain
*    Ana Minaburo
*    Vanessa Valderrama
*    Dominique Barthel
*    Julien Catalano
*    Edgar Ramos
*    Carles Gomez
*    J Sanchez
*    Ramon Sanchez
*    Juan-Carlos Zuniga
*    Felipe Díaz-Sánchez

Action Items
Chairs: find reviewers for drafts


*    [17:05] Administrivia                                           [10min]
    o    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
    o    Status of drafts

*    [17:15] SCHC WGLC                                               [35min]
*    [17:45] CoAP SCHC                                               [10min]
*    [17:55] AOB                                                     [ 5min]

Laurent to propose text on ticket 18
Pascal to propose text on UDP checksum compression


*    [17:09] Administrivia                                           [10min]
    o    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
    o    Status of drafts

Pascal: opening, note-well, bluesheets (we need your name, blue-sheets are now

*    [17:10] Agenda

Juan-Carlos: just had a call on OAM for LPWAN. Compression is only one aspect.
ICMPv6 is primary tool.

Pascal: we need to update the milestones. We are about a year overdue.
Pascal: estimate for submission to IESG for IPv6 compression?
Ana: before summer
Pascal: estimate for CoAP compression submission?
Laurent: July is a good target.
Pascal: publish something simple to start, and extend it later.

TODO: find reviewers for the drafts. Candidate on this call? none heard.

Pascal: we need to recharter.

Pascal: UDP checksum compression. Put a reference to RFC6282.
Alex: should we discuss probabilities?
Pascal: if fragmented, we have a MIC. If not fragmented, we have to discuss L2
CRC perforance. If not good enough, cannot elide UDP checksum. Juan-Carlos:
RFC6282 is not straightforward. Discussion still needed in SCHC document, not a
straight reference. Pascal: can help with writing this section since wrote
6282. Alex: each technology must justify if and why UDP checksum can be elided.
Laurent: this text should be in the IPv6/UDP section.

Pascal: what are the news regarding the technology documents? They should be
adopted. This is already in the charter. Juan-Carlos: adoption could be done
by/at (?) the July meeting.

*    [17:30] SCHC WGLC                                               [35min]
Ana: continue the work on tickets; giving a status on the closable ones
Ana: ticket 15 updated on the technology documents
Ana: decoupling frag and compression. Dominique suggest to adopt terminology
fragmentation and reassembly to separate the 2 parts of the process. Juan
Carlos and Pascal support the proposal Dominique: can have a F/R process just
like we have a C/D process Edgard supports Ana: OK, not heavy to do, will be

Next point by Dominique "A SCHC" or "An SCHC": Leave that open and let the RFC
editor decide. "A SCHC" (pronounced /ʃiːk/) has room support.

Ana: Ticket 13 on terminology closed
Replace "Part of SCHC packet" with "Portion of SCHC packet"
Replace "Fragment" with "Payload Fragment"

Use Compression Residue consistently instead of Compress Residue or Compressed
Residue. Pull Request on Github issued by Dominique a few hours ago to that

Ticket 18: Need to explain better when there is a fixed or variable parameter
hw MSB LSB can be used Removing the y argument from the LSB CDA makes the
situation much simpler. We should explain in the draft what happens with
fixed-lenght and variable=length fields. Dominique: this MSB/LSB CDA is
byte-wise. Laurent said we could introduce a bitwise MSB/LSB later Laurent to
propose text

Ticket 19: Fragmentation Terminology
OK to be closed (transfered to ticket 20)

Ticket 14: Legacy Devices
not sure how this is meant to work.
not sure this a standardization issue or a implementation trick.
will document in Appendix.
Alex: focus on main issues.

Discussion on process. Every Ticket must be resolved and the resolution must be
documented. However, we can make changes in the draft without opening new

Virtual-Corridor-meeting next tuesday 4-6pm Paris time
Attendees: Ana, Laurent, Dominique, Juan-Carlos (tbc), Carles (part-time), ....

*    [xx:xx] CoAP SCHC                                               [postponed]

*    [18:08] meeting closed