Minutes interim-2018-lpwan-16: Wed 17:00

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networks (lpwan) WG
Title Minutes interim-2018-lpwan-16: Wed 17:00
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Meeting Minutes

   Connection details

*    Date: November 28th, 2018
*    Time: 8-9AM Pacific, 17:00 CET:
*    Webex Link:
     *    Meeting number: 203 710 782
     *    Meeting password: JM3Y2Kqf
     *    To join by phone or other means, please go to the Webex Link for
* recording:
     * Recording password: fJg3UGyu


*    [17:05] Administrivia                                           [ 5min]
    o    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
    o    Status of drafts

*    [17:10] SCHC WGLC completion (Dominique)                        [20min]
*    [17:30] SCHC next steps  (chairs)                               [10min]
*    [17:40] Rechartering text (open discussion)                     [20min]
*    [17:50] AOB                                                     [ 0min]

* Laurent to give a date for SCHC COAP
* Pascal to attach the slides for the webinar to this meeting proceedings
* Pascal to provide a sentence to replace the TV one on JSON and one one the

Minute takers

* Dominique Barthel Orange
* Carles Gomez
* Ana Minaburo
* Pascal Thubert

* Pascal Thubert
* Alexander Pelov
* Carles Gomez
* Dominique Barthel
* Ana Minaburo
* Juan Carlos Zuniga
* Laurent Toutain
* Arunprabhu Kandasamy

Action Items from last time


*    [17:06] Administrivia                                           [ 5min]
    o    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
    o    Status of drafts
    Pascal: Needs to check IPR for new authors.
    Pascal: when do we think we'll ship the SCHC document?
    Pascal: which milestone do we set for the SCHC CoAP document?
    Ana: on the SCHC-CoAP document, we received input from OSCORE guys, but it
    was more on the side of CoAP Laurent: I think we need to discuss with the
    CoRE WG Pascal: do we say end of H1 2019? H2? Laurent: Fall seems good.
    We'll initiate a work with CORE. Pascal: come back with a date. Otherwise,
    I'll just write Fall.

*    [17:15] SCHC WGLC completion (Dominique)                        [30min]
    * Dominique: Latest changes on GitHub are more editorial
    * Dominique: Ticket#32 Optional MIC reopened. Discussion is open and you
    can read and give your input. If do you care please give us your input will
    discuss it when Juan Carlos is back to this meeting (he was disconnected).
    * webinar for LoraAlliance and others on Nov. 16th. Good questions, good
    feedback. Slides to be attached to this interim meeting. * Last Call for
    version draft-17 closed yesterday. Input from Charles Perkins has been

        * Laurent and Dominique had a phone call with Charlie to understand the
        inputs. Not acted upon them yet. Prepared a response, waiting for other

        * One technical comments that we want to discuss here.

        * TV type is not defined. The text is not very clear how we can know
        about the TV type. ChP question how to interoperate to distinguish the
        different TVs

        * Pascal: The Table never goes on the air, so it is not part of any

        * Laurent: I gave an example for IP

        * Charles Perkins worries about interoperability testing when the Rule
        formats are not accurately defined.

        * Pascal: The only thing in the air is the packet. The rule definition
        is done looking at that, pointing at which bits are affected by the
        rule, and what the rules do.

        * Pascal: Architecture Document can be done and updated all along the
        progress of the WG

        * Alex: The way the table is defined is internal to each company.

        * Pascal: We must replace the TV text by something that says that the 
        is an abstract representation of the options

        * Dominique: CHarlie insisted on the interoperability statement. If we
        do not mean that this draft is enough to describe Rule sets in an
        interoperable way, Charlie says we should mention it clearly.

        * Pascal: Add to the first part of the draft "This document is not
        scoped to provide Interoperable definitions of rule sets"

        * Dominique: Another Topic is about Profile. ChP recommends to create a
        section listing the parameters/options that MUST be defined in
        profiles. I'm skeptical because it would be normative and we would need
        to make sure it's exhaustive, and it would forward-reference
        parmeters/options introduced later in the text, which is not easy to

        * Carles: same perception as Dominique

        * Pascal: no strong opinion.

        * Dominique: Next Topic => Optional MIC

        * Laurent: You need a MIC for All-1

        * Dominque: You need integrity checking, which may be achieved with a

        * Pascal: the text can say "We MUST have integrity Checking; the
        default way is using a MIC". Very little text change is required.

        * Dominique: The fragmentation description already only taks about
        integrity checking, so no change needed there. But the the All-1
        Fragment format description shows a MIC. We need to say if it is
        optional. Otherwise, it is mandatory.

        * Pascal: Can you describe the All-1 format in the same
        section/sentence as the integrity checking?

        * Dominique: currently there is a specific subsection to describe
        integrity checking, and another section to describe the All-1 Fragment
        format. I'll see what I can do.

        * Pascal: All authors send a e-mail that you do not have IPR on this

        * Pascal shepherd: perfom Publication request, so we go to the IESG
        procedure. Produce a report

*    [17:40] SCHC next steps  (chairs)                               [10min]
       * Pascal:ask what to do with Wi-SUN, do we remove them or not? and
       changes are only in the last sentence. * Pascal: We cannot work on IPv4,
       so document can be written but it could be difficult to get it on the
       charter. * JCZ: Why not put Wi-SUN with IEEE? * Pascal: Wi-SUN is using
       6LoWPAN and not SCHC, and is not IEEE but a separate body
*    [17:50] Rechartering text (open discussion)                     [10min]
*    [17:50] AOB                                                     [ 0min]

       * Pascal: Ask JCZ and Dominique to work together for the MIC
          * Pascal will provide sentence for the TV
          * Can we publish by Saturday?
            * Dominique: there is alot of work for Saturday, ChP's inputs are a
            lot. How hard is the Dec 1st deadline?
          * December 1st means perhaps that we cannot go for IESG this year.
          * Dominique: how different is Monday 3rd from Sat 1st?
          * Pascal: Probably Ok for Monday morning - todo is check with Suresh
[18:05] Meeting adjourns