Minutes interim-2018-regext-02: Wed 15:00

Meeting Minutes Registration Protocols Extensions (regext) WG
Title Minutes interim-2018-regext-02: Wed 15:00
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Meeting Minutes

Meeting started at 9:04 (UTC-6)

Moderated by Roger Carney.

Attendees: Roger Carney, James Gould, Antoin Verschuren, James Galvin, Jody
Kolker, Joe Snitker

1.a. Introduce the Registry Mapping concepts Base Mappings
  b. Policy Extensions: how a server implements an extension, the SHOULD(s),
  MAY(s), etc.

I briefly introduced the Registry Mapping idea and the idea of the new Policy
document that describes all of the variable paths that an extension creates
(SHOULD(s), MAY(s), lists, etc).

Jim Gould explained why they created the Registry Mapping, 2012 expansion,
originally created for registrars and was created by digesting the Verisign
Registrar documentation (Verisign uses this internally as well). Jim provided a
link to the current Verisign version

Jim walked through this draft and the current thoughts on the changes needed to
this Verisign draft to get to an internet-draft.

Antoin asked how this was different than the documentation that Registries
provide in SDK manuals. Explained that this is electronically consumable, also
that every Registry has a different format of SDK documentation, this would
provide standard way of formatting this information. Antoin asked if other
registries will be interested in supporting this idea and implement, we will
need to socialize this and see.

Next steps, Jim Gould will get internal approval to move forward and we will
submit the draft and post an introduction to the list.