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Minutes interim-2019-calext-01: Tue 16:00

Meeting Minutes Calendaring Extensions (calext) WG
Title Minutes interim-2019-calext-01: Tue 16:00
State Active
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Last updated 2019-06-10

Calext meeting 2019-06-04

Note Well!
- Anything discussed during this session is public and under the IPR rules of

- Discuss in-progress documents - 30 min
    - jscalendar
    - scheduling controls
    - eventpub (last call issues raised)
- Discuss proposed next drafts - 30 min
    - vpoll
    - subscription upgrade
    - scheduling for JSCalendar
- Future possible work - 15 min
    - ischedule redux
    - calendar sharing informational drafts
    - valarm extensions
    - caldav sync / proxy
- Agenda bashing!
    - push?
    - Managed Attachments got published yesterday! Well done everybody.

- Last call finished May 25th
- Didn’t get feedback on the mailing list
- Feedback at CalConnect
    - timeZone on isAllDay events
    - datetime string not include time component for all day events (it’s
    already not fixed size)
    - An alternative is to add an `isAllDay` flag to events that have a
    `DATETIME` range as a way to indicate to clients that they should be
    presented as all day events. - This matches what Microsoft do. - We will
    take this to the list.
Scheduling Controls:
- how do we advertise server support?
- Bron to write up -01
- Discussion about the SOURCE property (drop it)
- Need to define “social calendaring”.
- Having re-read it, looks like it needs some restructuring.
Subscription upgrade
- Mike is working on a reformatted version
Scheduling for JSCalendar:
- iMIP add another part?
    - { { text/plain, text/html, text/calendar, application/jscalendar+json },
    application/ics }
- Scheduling Upgrade: per-event URI rather than per-calendar URI allowing
CalDAV / REST / JMAP access to individual events with individual URI Future
Work: - ischedule redux - calendar sharing informational drafts - valarm
extensions - caldav sync / proxy

- Marten
- There’s a draft already → split into two documents
    - The push protocol
    - Specific DAV implementation of the model
- Hoping to finish first document quite soon - translating into metanorma.
- Probably also should go to dispatch - at least generic part is not calendar

- Sharing and Push to DISPATCH
    - Probably only 5 people.
    - Might be good to have a chat with AD (Barry) first.
    - Bron to have a chat with Barry.
- Call for adoption
    - valarm extensions
- Plan for another interim at next CalConnect in October.