Minutes interim-2019-cbor-06: Wed 18:00

Meeting Minutes Concise Binary Object Representation Maintenance and Extensions (cbor) WG
Title Minutes interim-2019-cbor-06: Wed 18:00
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Meeting Minutes

   CBOR WG Conference Call
Wednesday, Mar 13 2019, 18:00 - 19:00 UTC
Chairs: Barry Leiba, Francesca Palombini

Minute takers: Francesca

* Francesca Palombini
* Carsten Bormann
* Jim Schaad
* Jeffrey Yasskin

* Barry Leiba
* Paul Hoffman

* CDDL Status:
    - chairs to ping EKR
    - ask Alexey to prepare the AD follow up

* CBOR Bis status
        Integrated 2/3 of 17. Jeffrey proposes to delete a lot of text, still
        checking -> PR61 Jeffrey provided feedback Jeffrey: agrees on the
        merged so far. PR- and Issue-less state by Prague. Submit a new version
        at the start of the meeting. Get more reviews. needs to be checked: *
        strict decoder * deterministic encoding

* array tags:
        Good feedback, pretty straightforward, to integrate. Issues not adresed:
        - how does deterministic encoding works with array tags? it is not
        something that we need to address (application aspect) Jeffrey:
        deterministic encoding at the protocol level Jim: agree - most of Jim's
        comments editorial, except for questions about clamped arrays Jeffrey:
        6 and 7 not fully answered. Both of those need a description of the use
        cases Carsten: ok Jim: agree, wasn't clear what you were using that for

* OID tag:
        - no progress
        - Carsten: has a lot of things that was not meant to be in it, it might
        be good to separate the basics: only OIDs in it - 1+0 -> start in
        the mailing list

* re-chartering -> add to agenda
        Carsten: CDDL 2.0, tags, cbor-seq (see slides from previous meeting)
        Carsten to send in agenda slot requests for items candidate for