Minutes interim-2019-lpwan-13: Wed 16:00

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networks (lpwan) WG
Title Minutes interim-2019-lpwan-13: Wed 16:00
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Meeting Minutes

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•        Date: 7-8am US Pacific, 4pm CEST:
Meeting link:
Meeting number: 203 621 654 Password:  9VazGaik (98294245 from phones)

The general agenda for all meetings is as follows:
[16:05] Administrivia                [ 5min]
    o    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
    o    Status of drafts

[16:10] Status of SCHC draft (IPv6/UDP)    [10min]
[16:20] Status of SCHC draft (CoAP)        [10min]
[16:30] AOB                                [30min]

Minutes takers

 - Pascal Thubert
 - Ana Minaburo
 - Julien Catalano
 - Dominique Barthel


 - Pascal Thubert
 - Alexander Pelov
 - Ana Minaburo
 - Laurent Toutain
 - Julien Catalano
 - Ivaylo Petrov
 - Dominique Barthel
 - Olivier Gimenez
 - Carles Gomez

Past Attendees
 - Carles Gomez
 - Arunprabhu Kandasamy
 - Juan Carlos Zuniga
 - Olivier Gimenez
 - Diego Dujovne

Meetig minutes
The general agenda for all meetings is as follows:
[16:05] Administrivia                [ 5min]
    o    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
    o    Status of drafts
Pascal: Verify the minutes of last time and correct if something is wrong
Pascal: WG progress is green, and we need to recharter but we need to wait the
document IP/UDP passed Pascal: Is there any input from the minutes of last
time? => No body but send a mail to chairs if modifications are needed

[16:10] Status of SCHC draft (IPv6/UDP)    [10min]
DB: IESG review situation with 2 slides
DB: DISCUSS by Roman is about intro of Security Considerations, questions about
the meaning of some vague introductory sentences. We provided changes, asked
for approval several times. DB: going to merge that branch in the text anyway,
and publish. AP: Wait until Friday to see if he responds, Alex has pinged him
again DB: I will wait until Friday to merge the branch. DB: Benjamin's DISCUSS
points were about DTag sequential counter (privacy issues), RCS and forged
fragments, and expliciting when the OPTIONAL keyword means optional to pick by
a profile or optional at runtime by the SCHC machine. DB: DISCUSS points
addressed, but still working icking off each of the side comments (several
dozens) DB: CB recently offered to complete his review (notably the
fragmentation part), asked if he should wait for a next version to do so. DB:
advised to wait for -22. DB: ToDo finish the integration of branches by Friday
to publish the new version DB: Any questions? PT: Thanks, because this document
will be very soon an RFC DB:Many thanks to the co-authors, the reviewers and
all those you provided comments and joined the discussions. This was great team

[16:20] Status of SCHC draft (CoAP)        [10min]

[16:xx] AOB
LT: Brian Carpenter proposed osmething like simetric IPv6 that is a new
compression scheme for 6lo, but I think that we can use the SCHC approach to do
this. But we need to see the differences of 6lo and lpwan to say that SCHC is
appropiate for 6lo PT: SCHC is not mesh, is hub to hub LT: Yes but as there is
the opportunity to do it, let's try do see if we can put SCHC there PT: CoAP
draft has been put in the IESG, you can consult the state in the document page
on the datatracker

PT: Do you have another bussiness for today?
LT: yes for HAckhaton, we had a meeting yesterday with Dominique and Cedric
LT: There is a master that include all the modifications we have done for SCHC
in the past. DB: The challenge was to know what state we  are in now. Now we
know, and we can start hacking again. LT: Goal to work on tutorial to
understand SCHC and the people run it on their computers LT: Murcia University
has also an implementation but they have not replied PT: Diego also has one

PT: Is there any other bussiness?
PT: Well, I will post a temporary agenda, the meeting at Singapore will be on
Monday, please answer my mail for asking a slot to present your work LT: the
Goal will be focused on L2 PT: We will post a request for the agenda, but now
we do not have any agenda PT: It is logic to do L2 for recharter, but there is
also the ICMP from Dominique

PT: It will be early in the morning for European people, at 3am more or less

OJ: May I present Multicast for Lorawan, and see if SCHC can work on it? If
there is any recommendation? PT: Do we have something to do smthg in general in
cross technologies? certainly it is interesting? PT: I see value to have a
multicast section in the technology OJ: How to manage the answer when
ACK-on-error ACK is sent ? PT: In WIFI today do not broascast multicast, it do
it anycast, but in Lora or other how to broascast to them? PT: We do not have
an architecture document to put this problems JC:

[16:30] AOB                                [30min]