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Title Minutes interim-2019-nmrg-09: Fri 07:00
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Meeting Minutes

NMRG Virtual Meeting September 2019
Friday 20-09-2019 07:00-09-00 Paris time

 Laurent Ciavaglia (co-chair, Nokia), Jérôme François (co-chair, INRIA), Jeff
 Tantsura (Apstra), Walter Cerroni (UoB), Xin Zhang (?), Will Liu (Huawei)-
Useful links:
* Agenda: https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/agenda-interim-2019-nmrg-09-nmrg-01/
* Materials:
https://datatracker.ietf.org/meeting/interim-2019-nmrg-09/session/nmrg * Webex:
https://ietf.webex.com/ietf/j.php?MTID=m3adc8183864198bfa0f6ecda2e9c57f6 *
Etherpad: https://etherpad.tools.ietf.org/p/nmrg-virtual-20190920


1. Status of the RG, Chairs.

2.Information and preparation of NMRG interim meeting co-located with IEEE NoF
conference, Oct 3-4 2019, Roma, Italy

- Proposed agenda

October 3

13:30-14:30  Lunch
14:30-16:00  NMRG Session 1: Introduction, tutorial
16:00-16:30  Break
16:30-18:00  NMRG Session 2: NMRG work on IBN (I-Ds presentation)

October 4

09:00-11:00  NMRG Session 3: Overall IBN tools view, Demos
11:00-11:30  Break
11:30-13:00  NMRG Session 4: Demos
13:00-14:00  Lunch
14:00-15:30  NMRG Session 5: Overall IBN tools, next level: interconnection,
extensions, gaps 15:30-16:00  Break 16:00-17:30  NMRG Session 6: Hackathon
project, Summary

-Call still open until Monday 23/09 (formal paper but also propositions of
presentations) -Continue to advertise until this date -EDAS system should be
reopen soon (extended deadline

2. Information and preparation of the NMRG participation in IETF 106 hackathon

- Centered on IBN topics
- No draft with enough specs for implementation
- Different options: provide tools based on the different functionalities for
IBN, environment/platform for testing tools, interoperability/interconnection
of tools

- JT: is there any open source tools we could build on top?
- LC: one ONOS-based project (sonata, not fully open source?), NEMO project
- JT: OpenDayLight controller
- LC: do we have a list of what is available - WC: work on interpretation of
intents (not yet available/open) but mostly based on existing open-source tools
- LC: is what we propose aligned/possible in IETF hackathon? what do we need to
provide? - JT: IETF provides table and internet connection - LC: on-site
participation? are people who come to IETF the right persons (the ones that are
connected to the tools). Not the same public between IETF and academic
conferences. So, what we prepare has to fit with people on-site - JT: right.
need to take care of that - LC: hackathon is not necessarily linked to the
technical status of drafts. Usually, this is the case (top-down approach) but
another option is bottom-up starting from what is available. So, what can we do
to extend, interconnect to have more practical experiences in order to identify
what need to be addressed in drafts (gain knowledge from hackathon). It can
also be used to illustrate the concepts we have in drafts - JT: a real platform
can be provided to support the hackathon (north-bound) - LC: I’ll check with
Nokia as well - JT: having people with coding skills is also challenging - JT:
we need a critical mass and advertise in Roma to european students in general
for IETF in Madrid - WC: is IETF providing student grants? - LC: hackathon is
free. For the IETF meeting, there are specific registration (for one day, for
academic sometimes)

3. Intent Based Networking topic

3.1 status and review of active I-Ds-

- WL: two drafts (classification, architecture). Classificaition: receve
review/comments addressed, quite stable. Architecture/framework: more in a
preliminary status. I can present an updated version in Singapore meeting (have
a chinese version to be translated) - LC: I will provide written comments to
the classification draft. Use the outcome of Montreal discussion to improve of
the draft. Quickly clarify some concepts. Architecture draft: need to have more
technical discussions to compare with other proposals - LC: IBN concepts and
overview: I will provide a revision for the next IETF, settings the concepts
and terminology, should help/support further wrok/discussion for IBN work. -
JT: receive offline comments that is a very good document but need to do some
cleanup in references/applicability

3.2 discussion on open issues
LC: comments for drafts are always welcome (in meetings, point-to-point)
LC: what is the work carried in other fora/SDO? ENI?
WL: ENI is more about how to use AI for IBN, i.e. how AI can be used to
fullfill intents LC: sharing info from other groups is very welcome WL: maybe I
can present in Singpore the progress of ENI LC: the NMRG chairs will contact
document authors to synchronize how we can advance on the documents before the
meeting in Singapore path to call for RG document adoption in the IETF 106

4. AoB (time permitting)
JF: update of network AI challenge: no advances from last meeting, Still in
preliminary stages (no use case, platform defined), dedicated telcos in coming
weeks (will be announced to all as the team is of course open to everybody) LC:
at IETF singapore NMRG will have two sessions. One session on IBN session
including the use of intelligent techniques for IBN (make a link with AI).
ANother shorter session on the update of AI for netman and other topics,