Minutes interim-2020-cose-01: Thu 17:00

Meeting Minutes CBOR Object Signing and Encryption (cose) WG
Title Minutes interim-2020-cose-01: Thu 17:00
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Meeting Minutes

   COSE @ IETF 107 (Virtual Vancouver)

Date:   Thursday, 02 April 2020
Time:   17:00 - 18:00 UTC
Venue:  Webex
  - https://ietf.webex.com/ietf/j.php?MTID=m65dc99c8fcf80c2ad60c4bcc24f22477
  - Number: 318 487 000
  - Password: DkuJ2VDMK79
  - Ivaylo Petrov
  - Matthew Miller
Area Director:
  - Benjamin Kaduk

Minute Taker(s):
  - Matthew Miller
  - Jim Schaad

Jabber Scribe:
  - Matthew Miller

1. Administrivia (Chairs) - 5 minutes
  - Note Well
  - blue sheets (etherpad)
  - Minutes:
  https://etherpad.ietf.org:9009/p/notes-ietf-107-cose?useMonospaceFont=true -
  Jabber: cose@jabber.ietf.org

2. Update on drafts status (Chairs) - 15 Minutes
  - draft-ietf-cose-hash-sigs
  - draft-ietf-cose-webauthn-algorithms
  - draft-ietf-cose-rfc8152bis-struct
  - draft-ietf-cose-rfc8152bis-algs
  - draft-ietf-cose-hash-algs
  - draft-ietf-cose-x509

Ben Kaduk has a personal review backlog larger than desired; should make
progress on that queue next week (week of 2020-04-05).

3. Cert Compression (John Mattsson) - 10 Minutes
  - draft-mattsson-cose-cbor-cert-compress

There was in-meeting consensus and author agreement to merge with
draft-mattsson-ace-tls-oscore-00 discussed in ACE, but no consensus to merge
with -cose-x509 document. There was some discussion on if a Tag should also be
defined, but no consensus to do so at this time. There was discussion on where
to take this work ensues, which leads into next agenda item.

4. Rechartering Discussion (Chairs) - 30 Minutes
  - draft-schaad-cose-more-algs
  - draft-mattsson-cose-cbor-cert-compress
  - Others?

Jim Schaad notes some requests for KMAC, although it might not meet the
discussed threshold for WG adoption. Carsten Bormann suggested defining a
CBOR-based alternative to ASN.1 x509.  Highlights from the discussion:
  * Unlikely to be supported by Web PKI Certification Authorities, although
  possibly on a compensated case-by-case basis * IoT Certification Authorities
  might be willing to support this alternative.

Matthew Miller asked about scope and constraints.  From meeting discussion:
  * Consensus to permit adoptiong of work related to defining algorithms
  * Consensus to be tightly constrainted on any other work

There was in-meeting consensus to recharter with constraints.  The Chairs to
confirm this consensus on the list.
  * Jim Schaad and Carsten Bormann offered to help review and/or contriubte
  charter text.

5. AOB

No other business was brought up.

*           BLUE SHEET            *

webex has: 12 people
jabber has: 10 people

       Name and Affiliation
1. Jim Schaad, August Cellars
2. Matthew Miller, Mozilla
3. Ivaylo Petrov, Acklio
4. Jonathan Hammell, Canadian Centre for Cyber Security
5. Ben Kaduk, Akamai
6. Marco Tiloca, RISE
7. Michael Richardson, Sandelman Software Works
8.Russ Housley, Vigil Security LLC
9. John Mattsson, Ericsson
10. Carsten Bormann, TZI
11. Mike Jones, Microsoft
12. Michael Breuer, ilSF