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Minutes interim-2020-cose-05: Wed 16:00

Meeting Minutes CBOR Object Signing and Encryption (cose) WG
Date and time 2020-10-07 16:00
Title Minutes interim-2020-cose-05: Wed 16:00
State Active
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Last updated 2020-10-13

# COSE Virtual Interim

## Connection details

* Date: October 07, 2020
* Time: 09-10 Pacific, 18:00 CET:,12,100&h=8&date=2020-10-23&sln=9-10
* Webex recording:

## Attendees

1. Matthew Miller
2. Ivaylo Petrov
3. Francesca Palombini
4. Carsten Bormann, TZI
5. Michael Richardson, Sandelman Software Works
7. Marco Tiloca, RISE
8. Peter Yee, AKAYLA
9. Rikard Höglund, RISE
10. Ben Kaduk, Akamai
11. Christian Amsüss
12. David Waite
13. Göran Selander, Ericsson
14. Henk Birkholz, Fraunhofer
15. Laurence Lundblade
16. Joel Hoglund

## Action Items

* See sec 4 - Ben's note about clarifications
* Göran and chairs - have a PR for the discussed version of the charter.
* Chairs: to send the charter on the ML to get some more feedback. After that
we aim at submitting to ADs for rechartering

## Minutes

### 0. Administrivia (Chairs)

* Note well
* Note taker(s):
* Jabber Scribe: Francesca
* Attendees recording
* Agenda bashing

### 1. Jim...

### 2. Document Succession

Draft-ietf-cose-rfc8152bis-struct - IESG (AD Followup)
    * edits by Matthew Miller
Draft-ietf-cose-x509 - in IESG (Revised I-D needed)
    * Edits by Ivaylo Petrov
Draft-ietf-cose-rfc8152bis-algs - in RFC-Editor Queue
    * Edits by WG via Chairs
Draft-ietf-cose-hash-algs - in RFC-Editor Queue
    * Edits by WG via Chairs
Draft-ietf-cose-countersign - in Working Group
    * Editor, Russ Housley

### 3. Certificate Compression

Göran: comments from Jim, we are working on responses.

### 4. Charter

Göran: proposal sent 25th of September. No comments received.

Göran: Native vs natively signed (probably makes more sense) as the name for
x509 certificates that don't need DER parsing.

Matt: Ben what changes do we need to add?
Ben: clarifying that the overhead can be processing overhead and bits in the
encoding overhead; also motivating the native COSE signatures for cases where
we don't have DER eco-system. Will try to come up with concrete text to go in
the charter.

Matt: Göran could we get an update to create a PR?
Göran: Right away or wait for Ben?
Matt: Right away. We can incorporate Ben's comment afterwards.

Matt: will send update to the mailing list. Reasonable to have it done by the
end of October? Göran: will fix it this week, happy to do more updates. Matt:
Goal to have charter done by the next week and then send the charter around one
more time (AP Chairs) then submit to AD for rechartering.

### 5. AOB

Matt: Next meeting IETF109. Schedule TBD.