Minutes interim-2020-lpwan-01: Wed 16:00

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Meeting Minutes IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networks (lpwan) WG Snapshot
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Meeting Minutes

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• Date: 7-8am US Pacific, 4pm CET:
Meeting link:
Meeting number: 201 266 501 Password: txCGJTrS (89245877 from phones)


[16:05] Administrivia                [ 5min]
    o    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
    o    Status of drafts

[16:10] Last updates of SCHC IP/UDP (Dominique)    [15min]
[16:25] SCHC YANG Data Model (Laurent)             [25min]
[16:50] AOB                                        [10min]

Minutes takers
Ana Minaburo
Arunprabhu Kandasamy


 - Pascal Thubert
 - Alexander Pelov
 - Ana Minaburo
 - Laurent Toutain
 - Ivaylo Petrov
 - Dominique Barthel
 - Olivier Gimenez
 - Diego Dujovne
 - Vincent Audebert
 - Arunprabhu Kandasamy
 - Juan Carlos Zuniga

Missing Past Attendees
 - Carles Gomez
 - Julien Catalano

Meetig minutes

[16:05] Administrivia                [ 5min]
    o    Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
    o    Status of drafts
    * Send the power point to chairs instead of PDF, Webex does not like pdf.
    * Olivier will be added at the end, it will be added next time because
    LoraAlliance meeting is today same time * But the Lora Alliance is at the
    same time so we need to change the hour the 2nd wednesday, for next meeting
    we need to watch up this time * Pascal give the Note Well * Alex: CoAP is
    now in AD Evaluation, with Farell mail * Ana: We have answer to Farell
    about his inputs * Pascal: I think the draft is in the queue * Alex: We
    have a new draft for PPP, do you think it will grow or it will be kept like
    that? * Pascal: I think it is done, the one think is to negotiate a
    compression mechanism, and perhaps it give us SCHC over PPoE. SCHC over
    ethernet, PPP, wifi can be addressed with this one single draft. * Alex:
    Does it fit in the milestones? * Pascal: Perhaps it could be because it is
    important to give this soution for serial links, we can present in IntArea,
    what do you think Juan Carlos? * JuanCarlos: INTArea open to new work ,
    people will be more familiar about lpwan
   * Pascal: I can present it next time, actually we need to indicate where the
   data model and the context is in the compression, probably through an URL. *
   Alex: Yes, I think it is important to be presented next time * Pascal: I
   send the meeting request for next IETF, if you have any conflict please send
   to me an input * Pascal: Next meeting deadlines, please take a look, for the
   early registration and cutoff on early march. We will post a slot request,
   please send an e-mail on march 11th to make the agenda

[16:19] Last updates of SCHC IP/UDP (Dominique)    [15min]
  * Carsten provided extensive review of everything again.  Responded to all
  points. * Updated example in Appendix A. * version 24 has editiorial
  improvements. * Carsten commented we cannot decide if the profile allows
  multiple rule matching or not. * All0 and ACK Req must be distinguisable,
  clarified lifeitime of dtag in receiver. * -24 approved by Suresh. * we don't
  have Misref? referencing a document that is still in draft. * Pascal to make
  the transformation and send to Dominique , that will be a new version. *
  questions from authors for schc-over-foo drafts and implementers.

[16:33] SCHC YANG Data Model (Laurent)             [20min]
* Look at github directory to check the last version, we are working on. The
synchronisation will be finished after the meeting * Pascal: Send a mail when
it is done to the ML * Laurent: I'm not a yang doctor, so I'll try to give a
solution with the things we understood. * In the draft there is a definition of
SCHC fields and MO and CDAs in yang, * Level of granurality has been intriduced
for some fields as traffic class or code in coap. * When the fields are define
the question is until which details we go * CoAP is in the same space as udp,
ipv6. Carsten: reserve all the options space as identifiers. * Carsten propose
to reserve the whole space but it could be a waste of numbers, * openschc
implementation uses 0xff as end option. Conflict arises if the core uses this
value for another option. * In the model version is added, does it is a good
idea? does version will be use to identify the version we are using? discussion
is needed * Fragmentation has not been completely done, we need to define all
the fragmentation entries and we need input from the implementations * Yang is
define to give an ASCii value but for LPWAN is better to get a numerical value,
but yang is not done for this * For target valule the next step is to give the
highest and the lowest values * Pascal: We need to talk with Benoit or people
that talks yang if they have an input * Laurent: There are things that have not
been well done, * Pascal: yes, like IPv6 @ * Laurent: We have open questions
about profiles, but we need to discuss and see how to do it * Limitation with
several arguments, the question is who cares? do we need to find a solution? *
Laurent: I will send a mail and ask some inputs to see the needs and to go
forward * Pascal: We need to talk with a yang doctor, * Alex: In Core this
question was raised, so just use the ASCii representation and then they change
their mind, but I cannot remember to what * Alex: suggest to use a string
representing a Base64 encoding * Laurent: possible but not as efficient as
binary * Pascal: Base64 increases computation load. * Laurent: Numerical1 and
Numerical2 to build large integer (typically IPv6 address). * Alex: let's also
investigate Bitarray

 [16:25]  LoraWan IID (Olivier)     [10min]
Alex: The time is gone, we can talk about IID next time
Olivier: or by mail
Pascal: Let's do it now
Olivier: We are using the half of the hash

[16:50] AOB                                        [5 min]

Discussion happens, currently-proposed IID computation looks good, need
Alliance validation that it does not leak too much information. Julien Catalano
proposed another mechanism that involves installing some context, therefore
needing a bit more control overhead. Olivier ot post on the ML in this and
follow up with Alliance