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Minutes interim-2020-mls-11: Tue 14:00

Meeting Minutes Messaging Layer Security (mls) WG Snapshot
Title Minutes interim-2020-mls-11: Tue 14:00
State Active
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Last updated 2020-07-14

# Attendees

Nick Sullivan, Cloudflare
Sean Turner, sn3rd
Raphael Robert, Wire
Satoru Kanno, Lepidum
Sofía Celi, Cloudflare
Yumi Sakemi, Lepidum
Britta Hale, NPS
Konrad Kohbrok, Aalto University
Brendan McMillion, Cloudflare
Chelsea Komlo, University of Waterloo
Prasad Naldurg, Inria
Hubert Chathi,
Joël Alwen, Wickr
tim costello, BT
Chris Wood, Cloudflare

# Issues/PRs

PSKs: Not sure all the use cases make sense. Some feel recover is too heavy
weight.  Branch might not be a the top.  But, if the mechanism supports all
maybe it’s okay.

Don’t want to burden everyone.

## PSK And Their Use: Britta and Konnrad

Richard: Could also address the following issue at the same time:

Britta - or we keep 'em seperate

325-327 would be address next meeting - key schedule

## 301 - Targeted Messages Raphael

This might overlap with the branching case….
Different because branching is a new group;

## 302 - Richard - masking instead of AES-GCM

SenderData nonce is the only thing that is random. If you replace it then
there’s nothing that is random.  We have had problems with deterministic