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Title Minutes interim-2020-nmrg-06: Tue 14:00
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Meeting Minutes

NMRG Online Meeting September 2020
Tue   2020-12-15

RG Chairs:
* Laurent Ciavaglia
* Jéröme François

RG Secretaries
* Jéferson Campos Nobre
* Pedro Martinez-Julia


Dedicated meeting on Research Challenges in Artificial Intelligence for Network

(NM: Network Management)

* Discussion on the scope:
** overall agreement on what has been proposed in the document.
** the scope should also reflect that AI may change the way we perform network
management (so new NM problems can emerge thanks to AI) ** AI enables new
network management --> towards configuration-less networking ** AI can be
seen as a new enabler for network management (need for such example)

* Mapping NM/AI
** Characterize AI algorithms with their attributes
** Identify which AI attribute can be useful for NM problems

* Challenge description
** AI brings new solution enablers but AI is not easy to apply (how to plug AI
to NM problems) ** quantification of AI: value of AI vs the cost to use it? **
guidelines for challenge description: existing one must be reviewed

* document in github in a draft format
* end of January/Feb meeting