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Minutes interim-2020-ntp-04: Tue 15:00

Meeting Minutes Network Time Protocols (ntp) WG
Title Minutes interim-2020-ntp-04: Tue 15:00
State Active
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Last updated 2020-07-13


NTP WG Agenda/Bluesheet/Rough notes
Tuesday 9 June 2020, 1500 UTC

1. Administrative and Agenda Bashing

  *   No change to agenda

2. NTP WG Document Status Review/Update

  *   In RFC Editor queue

  *   Port 4460 for NTS KE officially assigned by IANA

  *   IETF last call; there is discussion around historical vs informative vs
  standards-track  (Daniel Franke is secdir reviewer :)

  *   Ready to move to IESG

  *   No update

  *   Miroslav reporting: new version to address some minor issues, have some
  new minor comments and will post a new version (in a couple of weeks), then
  ready for WGLC

  *   Watson: draft version 2, want to get implementations, then revise for WGLC

  *   Miroslav: new draft that adds more attack amplification prevention. Ready
  to adopt? Yes, will do call for adoption on the list.

  *   Discussion of marking as "reserved"  additional values that are in use
  but not in the registry.  Agreed.

3. NTS Deployment, Measurement and Testing

  *   IETF 108 is virtual, hackathon is the week before. NTS testing part of
  the hackathon?

  *   There is some interest. Will work to do this at 108; discussion on
  mailing list.

  *   Discussion of what would be measured/monitored?

  *   Portable tools seem harder.

  *   Discussion of "what's it like for new folks to join this?"

4. NTP v5 requirements and next steps

  *   How do we narrow scope and start moving forward?

  *   Daniel: we have some documents, hope someone can carry forward to
  starting a draft. Doug is willing to help.

  *   Need drafts to focus discussion.

5. TICTOC WG Document Status Review/Update

  *   Resubmitted to keep alive; needs review and shepherd writeup (2/3 done)
6. Next steps including IETF 108

  *   Hackathon -- discussed above

  *   IETF 108 -- session requests going in now; there is a reg fee (contact
  Karen if you want to request a waiver)

  *    Rechartering - Karen and Dieter to propose text that will shut down
  TICTOC, update for NTPv5, etc., and circulate to list

6. AOB

  *   Waton suggests WG github, as a minimum for NTPv5 at least. Some
  discussion. Some offers to help. Karen will start.