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Minutes interim-2020-ntp-05: Thu 15:30

Meeting Minutes Network Time Protocols (ntp) WG
Title Minutes interim-2020-ntp-05: Thu 15:30
State Active
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Last updated 2020-10-06

NTP WG Interim meeting
* Daniel Franke
* Karen O' Donoghue
* D. Sibold
* Denis Reilly
* Dhruv Dhody
* Douglas Arnold
* Erik Kline
* Harlan Stenn
* Kristof Teichel
* Marcus Dansarie
* Martin Langer
* Miroslav Lichvar
* Ragnar Sunblad
* Sandra Murphy

* Note well was noted
* Minutes by Watson Ladd

* Agenda bash

* Administrivia
** Virtual IETF 109, virtual hackathon

* Agenda
* WG Status
** Guidelines for timestamps Auth 48 cleared
** NTS document entered Auth 48. Should come out soon
** IETF LC and IESG around Mode 6 document. WG plan for way forward. Hopefully wrapped up soon.
** YANG shepard writeup done for the YANG model to AD review
** Interleaved modes: resubmit

* Port Randomization Draft
** Have done WGLC
** At this stage document updated based on WGLC comments
** No opposition to publication
** Submit to IESG, not confirmed adequate addressing
** One more set of emails, than IESG

* Call for adoption alernate port
** No opposition to adoption, lots of comments
** Update and publish next version as WG-ID

* Roughtime
** Changed hash
** Hackathon time for targeting interop
** Marcus: also a bugfix in v3
** Marcus: Some point in near future target draft v3
** Marcus: Interest out there
** Reviews useful
** Watson: will check schedule for hackathon
** Combine with NTS testing in hackathon?

* Chronos (Secure selection and filtering)
* Reviews needed

* NTS testing
* Karen: setting up a few servers
* Karen: Phil Roberts: Interested in perf impact of NTS, hackathon possibilities.

* Hackathon
** Much more flexible than rest
** Each project determines coordination
** Last time 3 4 hour windows
** Lots of flexibility around this

* No progress
** NTPv5
*** Miroslav has time for draft for NTP V5 design
** Charter Update
*** Watson: just close Tictoc, refresh?
*** Karen: One more Tictoc doc
*** Watson: sounds like write something down and be done.

* NTS copy editing
** Daniel: One edit needs the list, rest easy to accept
** Miroslav: Extension same as extension list?
** Daniel: do people think these are different, or is this an innovation? Intent was to follow
** Erik Kline: if it's in people's minds should capture
** Watson: I think it's fine to pun
** Miroslav: it's about syntax; MAC is an extension
** Discussion about if it is or isn't
** Conclusion: Extension field everywhere

* Next Meeting
** Oct 12 or Nov 19
** If we have things to discuss do it, if not, next IETF 109

* Close of the meeting