Minutes interim-2020-rats-01: Wed 07:00

Meeting Minutes Remote ATtestation ProcedureS (rats) WG
Title Minutes interim-2020-rats-01: Wed 07:00
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Meeting Minutes

   RATS Virtual Interim Meeting
                2020-02-05   10am EST (15:00 UTC)

7:00 - 7:05 agenda bash.
        Note takers: Rich and Michael
        Chairs: Ned, Kathleen and Nancy

Architecture Design Team (Michael)
     New draft posted yesterday; slides posted
     Still open items and text to write, 'probably finish by IETF 107'
     Discussion of when design team will have draft ready for WG review; Nancy
     suggests time to do WGLC at IETF107

     Russ: question about how SUIT/TEEP/RATS are related.
     MCR: we have TEEP use case in the RATS.
     We think that the relationship to SUIT is that SUIT is a use case for
     TEEP, and TEEP is a use case for RATS. Russ: maybe it is as simple as
     saying that the software needs to come from an authenticated source. DT:
     but, suggesting that this might be in the use case section. Russ: but the
     architecture should provide a hint how it goes together. DT: so maybe this
     goes into the use case. Kathleen: SUIT is one option for a format, but
     there are other options for a manifest, which might be used as well.

EAT UEID Size discussion (Laurence)
     Can EUID be considered unique if "same" EUID has two different signers?

     RS: can we consider 128-bits be a GUID, and 128-bits be hash of signing
     key? DT likes this idea. LL says that this isn't specified, but could be
     said this way. MCR liked 256, listening to Dave constrained device
     concerns, now prefers 128 w/256 optional DT/MCR discussion of above
     Discussion of changing EUID when owner of the device changes LL to work on
     a new version of draft for next interim (using option 2)

EAT Submods claim (Laurence)
     Discussion of the enumeration values in "submod_attachment" claim
     Discussion of subcomponents and "attackability"
     Move "attachment_type" to separate PR and merge this.
     Plan to have new draft for IETF 107