Minutes interim-2020-rfcefdp-01: Thu 21:00

Meeting Minutes RFC Editor Future Development (rfcefdp) Program
Title Minutes interim-2020-rfcefdp-01: Thu 21:00
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Meeting Minutes

   Minutes of the first Virtual Interim of the RFC Editor Futures Program

The meeting took place from May 14:00 9:00pm - 10:30pm GMT.  We had 24

The chair presented the Note Well, and then the agenda.  The only
bashing was by the chair who added an RFC Editor Qualities bullet

The chair gave a brief situational overview.  We landed on Slide 8
of the chair slides, that was an organized set of questions based on
the agenda.

A few people commented on what we want from the series.  Several
believed that it is important to establish what the purpose of the
series is, in order to clearly understand who we need to run it.  Mike
St.Johns and John Levine in particular took action items to write down
their thoughts on this subject.  They should indicate how their vision
differs from where we are today, and why.  Of course, anyone else is
more than welcome to do this as well.  The chair asked that such messages
be sent prior to our next virtual meeting.

When we spoke of Slide 8 (top topics), the question came up: do we as
a group need to even look at any of those questions, or is that the
job of the RSE, to lead the community in discussions around evolving
the series?  The idea of examining this had a lot of appeal. The chair
took the action item to poll the program on this point, with an eye
toward discussing the results at the next interim.

We talked a bit about Brian Carpenter's draft, and his offer to fill
it out with additional content from participants.

There was a healthy discussion in the WebEx chat room as well.  That
can be found at the end of the notes taken by Tim Wicinski and Nevil