Minutes interim-2020-tsvarea-01: Fri 08:00

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Title Minutes interim-2020-tsvarea-01: Fri 08:00
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Meeting Minutes

   tsvarea virtual "interim" meeting 20 March 2020.
Meeting Minutes

- TSV Area status

David: "encryption of transport headers" (TSVWG draft) likely headed to IETF
last call soon, so enjoy your trial by fire Martin!

Colin: correction: RMCAT still has one document active

- Relevant WG and BOFs during the IETF 107

- Interim planning and FAQs

Aaron: TAPS will continue with monthly cadence for TAPS virtual interims; these
aren't actually scheduled yet.

Lars: QUIC dispatch will move to Madrid if Madrid happens. No virtual interim
planned yet, email and github seem to suffice. Virtual interops will continue.

Michael T.: TCPM plans several sequential WGLCs as well as a virtual interim
meeting mid/end-April. Please have a look at the documents in order to help us
finishing them!

David: TSVWG - L4S/SCE needs an interim meeting (but decision probably needs to
happen in person), and a second interim for everything else.

Q: What if IETF-108 does not happen in Madrid? A: TSVWG chairs discussing
overall L4S/SCE/ECT(1) decision process, will include ADs, this would be part
of that discussion.

Brian T.: IPPM plans to schedule 15:00 UTC 1 April, agenda is ready byt still
need to confirm.

Brian P.: NFSv4 carrying agendas over to two interims, scheduled for April 22
and 29. Agenda has been published.

Aaron: Can Colin update on TSV-interesting groups in IRTF?

Colin: None of MAPRG, PANRG, or ICCRG have yet scheduled a virtual meeting

Mirja: No virtual for MAPRG yet, still discussing.

Brian T.: PANRG will roll over to Madrid, we'll talk about an interim when and
if it looks like

Colin: Jana in the same place on ICCRG. IRTFOPEN cancelled, ANRP will roll
over. ANRW CFP is out, deadline in on April 10.

Mirja: Things are running as plann for now for ANRW.

Colin: COIN has a virtual interim scheduled to 7 April

- Open mic

Mirja: We're doing this in part to test the virtual interim setup

Martin: so if you have feedback on how this works, please share.

Aaron: The online interims TAPS has been running have been working very
effectively. We end up with better dialogue, since there's no presenter + mics.
This plus encouragement to have more interims may increase the throughput of
the IETFs. Are they using a different tech for the plenary sessions?

Mirja: No, but we can get more participants/resources in Webex.

Aaron: Had a specific worry last night.

Alissa: We're using a regular webex meeting for the plenary and see how it
goes. Useful to get feedback, because a very large WG or the plenary is not
really what Webex is designed for. Working on how to get feedback but even
adhoc feedback is

Aaron: I understood there was a 500 person limit in meetings, is that
contractual or technical?

Alissa: Contractual, we can scale to the plenary

Mirja: One of the reasons the interims work in TAPS is integration with GitHub
and issue tracker, etc. It's a different dynamic than the in person, so you can
decide whether you want to run the meeting the same or differently.

David: We had a TSVWG interim via WebEx ... worked well for information
sharing, skeptical that it will be a good forum for making difficult decisions.
Chairs are willing to try almost anything given state of L4S/SCE.

Mirja: Aaron asks about hums. Yeah, that's difficult, asking chairs to do a
different way for getting the sense of the room. Strongly recommend against
audible hums.

Spencer: is L4S/SCE more difficult than other difficult IETF questions that we
might try to resolve in virtual meetings?

David: possibly reopening RFC 3168 (ECN) for fragmentation in the not too
distant future ...

Spencer: offering my thoughts for TSVWG's new AD, Martin :-)