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Minutes interim-2020-uta-01: Thu 21:00

Meeting Minutes Using TLS in Applications (uta) WG
Date and time 2020-04-23 21:00
Title Minutes interim-2020-uta-01: Thu 21:00
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Last updated 2020-04-23

UTA Virtual Interim Meeting

23 April 2020 21:00-22:00 UTC

    Leif Johansson
    Valery Smyslov

    Barry Leiba


Meeting Slides:


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Note takers: Alexey Melnikov
Jabber relay:
Queue manager: Valery Smyslov

1. Administrivia and agenda bashing
   - 5 min
2. WG documents status update
   - 5 min
3. Recommendations for Secure Use of
   Transport Layer Security (TLS)
   and Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS)
   - 15 min (Peter)
4. TLS/DTLS 1.3 Profiles for the Internet of Things
   - 15 min (Hannes)
5. CBOR compression of RFC 7925 Certificates
   - 15 min (John)
6. Open Mic


Leif presenting Chairs' slides: rules of the virtual interim, Note Well, etc.

One RFC ("Require TLS SMTP extension") was published since Singapore

draft-ietf-uta-tls-for-email-05 stuck in RFC Editor's queue on a Normative

Peter Saint-Andre presented draft-sheffer-uta-bcp195bis-00

 John Mattsson suggested that recommendations about cipher lengths should be
 tightened PSA: good idea if this is adopted by the WG

 Leif noted that there have been proposed errata and we should look at those
 PSA: good idea

 Some support in Jabber to adopt (7 people including 2 authors)

 Leif: either this version or next one is likely to be adopted

 The document name should be draft-ietf-uta-rfc7525-bis (not -bcp195bis)

Hannes talked about draft-tschofenig-uta-tls13-profile-04 (TLS/DTLS 1.3 profile
for IoT devices)

 Hannes is asking for adoption

 Alexey: supportive of adopting this in UTA. Need to make sure thast it is
 aligned with the previously presented document. Alexey: cTLS work will delay
 this? How long do you want to wait? Hannes: good point. Not sure if we want to
 do a quick update or longer update. Alexey: do a quick revision just for
 TLS/DTLS 1.3 and then another one for cTLS later Leif: +1

 About 7 people in favour of adopting this in the WG. Stephen is ambivalent,
 due to cTLS

John Mattsson is presenting draft-mattsson-tls-cbor-cert-compress-00 (CBOR
compression of RFC 7925 Certificates)

 Current plan to submit this to COSE WG, which is rechartering to include this

 This is going to register a new [special purpose] compression algorithm for

 Hannes: sounds cool. Looking forward to this being used.
 Hannes: what is ASN.1 schema here?

 Leif: just to confirm: you are not asking for adoption, but want to make sure
 that UTA participants are aware of this work? John: right

 Leif: is this work only limited to cTLS?
 John: this is not limited to cTLS. This is more input on Hannes'
 draft-tschofenig-uta-tls13-profile-04 draft.

 Valery: are you going to present this in TLS WG?
 John: I haven't asked TLS yet.
 Valery: It needs new codepoint from TLS WG.
 John: TLS WG participants know about this work.


WebEx: 17 participants
Jabber: 9 participants

Virtual bluesheets:

1. Leif Johansson/SUNET
2. Yaron Sheffer, Intuit
3. Valery Smyslov, ELVIS-PLUS
4. Michael Breuer, ilSF
5. Alexey Melnikov, Isode Ltd
6. Yoshiro YONEYA, JPRS
7. tim costello, BT
8. Jim Fenton, Altmode Networks
9. Thomas Fossati, arm
10. Peter Yee, AKAYLA
11. Peter Saint-Andre, Mozilla
12. Stephen Farrell, Trinity College Dublin
13. Russ Housley, Vigil Security, LLC
14. Dmitry Belyavskiy, TCI
15. John Mattsson, Ericsson
16. Hannes Tschofenig, Arm