Minutes interim-2021-ace-01: Thu 10:00

Meeting Minutes Authentication and Authorization for Constrained Environments (ace) WG
Title Minutes interim-2021-ace-01: Thu 10:00
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Last updated 2021-01-14

Meeting Minutes

ACE 2021-01-14 interim meeting


## Agenda

* [Note
agenda bashing ( 5 min )
  * jabber scribe: FP
  * minute taker: GS
* WG status
* [draft-ietf-ace-aif](https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-ace-aif-00)
* [draft-ietf-ace-oscore-gm-admin](https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/draft-ietf-ace-oscore-gm-admin/)

## Attendees:

* Daniel Migault (Ericsson)
* Francesca Palombini (Ericsson)
* Marco Tiloca (RISE)
* Sean Turner (sn3rd)
* Rikard Höglund (RISE)
* Göran Selander (Ericsson)
* Dan Garcia (Uniovi)
* Michael Richardson (SSW)
* Carsten Bormann (Uni Bremen TZI)

## WG Status:

The charter is on the agenda for "internal review" for the 2021-01-21 IESG
telechat; if approved then it will go out for "external review" with an IETF LC
and a note to external groups, then come back on the IESG agenda a second time.
 The earliest that could happen would be 2021-02-04.

In the meantime we have started conditional Call for adoptions for:
* draft-msahni-ace-cmpv2-coap-transport-01

RFC queue
* draft-ietf-ace-coap-est-18 RFC editor Queue - waiting for DTLS

AD Queue

waiting for draft-ietf-ace-oscore-profile-14

(FP just made a PR addressing the last comments. Waiting for check by the

* draft-ietf-ace-dtls-authorize-14
* draft-ietf-ace-oauth-authz-36
* draft-ietf-ace-oauth-params-13

* draft-ietf-ace-mqtt-tls-profile-10

WG Queue
* draft-ietf-ace-oscore-profile-14
* draft-ietf-ace-aif-00
* draft-ietf-ace-pubsub-profile-02
* draft-ietf-ace-key-groupcomm-10
* draft-ietf-ace-key-groupcomm-oscore-09
* draft-ietf-ace-oscore-gm-admin-01

[Milestones](https://datatracker.ietf.org/wg/ace/about/) have been updated to
see the document being proposed for publication in the next coming months.

Interim meetings are occuring 1 per month:
* expect to help the mailing list discussion but do not replace reviews.

## draft-ietf-ace-oauth-authz

Check the PR in the github
MT: Check that this is harmonized in the profiles, specifically in the ace
OSCORE profile AP: GS to send a note to the mailing list.

## draft-ietf-ace-aif-00

currently cited by
* draft-ietf-ace-mqtt-tls-profile
* draft-ietf-ace-key-groupcomm
* draft-ietf-ace-key-groupcomm-oscore, with own data model

Remaining points:
* Fill in the media type template
* Security considerations / Introduction section.
* Position towards non constrained system - can it be used outside contrained
  * probably fits the introduction
* How to define access to created resources
  * introduction or dedicated section ?
* Any specific recommednations from those citing the draft ?

Next update:
* In January

Volunteers to review:
* MT
* DM asks CS
* WGLC cc httpbis and httpapi

## draft-ietf-ace-pubsub-profile

Next update:
* FP to align with CS, but needs to prioritize OSCORE profile

Volunteers to review:

## draft-ietf-ace-key-groupcomm

Next update:
* Open point #1: passing of scope. Third alternative: register single CBOR tag
indicating prefixed scope to follow. Should this open point be resolved in a
separate draft? * Open point #2: no objection * Open point #3 part 1: no
objection * Open point #3 part 2: make into a note which requires particular
support (such as Observe w/ No-Response) * Open point #4: point 1: OK. point 2:
Ok, but define an error payload possibly related to the CoAP Problem draft *
Open point #5: agreed * Open point #6: OK * Open point #7: OK

Volunteers to review:

## draft-ietf-ace-oscore-gm-admin

* No time to discuss during the meeting

Next update:

Volunteers to review:


DM: Daniel Migault
FP: Francesca Palombini
GS: Göran Selander
MT: Marco Tiloca
CS: Cigdem Sengul