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Minutes interim-2021-cellar-02: Tue 21:00

Meeting Minutes Codec Encoding for LossLess Archiving and Realtime transmission (cellar) WG
Date and time 2021-02-23 20:00
Title Minutes interim-2021-cellar-02: Tue 21:00
State Active
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Last updated 2021-03-23

CELLAR – Minutes for Virtual Interim Meeting
February 23, 2021 21:00 Amsterdam ***
20:00 UTC
16:00 NYC
13:00 San Francisco
(*** Time is anchored to Amsterdam ***)



THERE IS NO TELEPHONE DIALIN (You can try this at any time.)

These notes at:


* Spencer Dawkins
* Michael Richardson
* Steve Lhomme
* Reto Krommer
* Jerome Martinez
* Moritz Bunkus
* Martin Below
* Dave Rice
* Michael Niedermayer

1. Note Well.

2. Accept draft minutes from January 26 meeting (attached below)

3. Logistics for Meeting.
3a) Shared COMIMD for notetaking:
* Note that if you log in to the IETF datatracker, you’ll
be able to edit these notes, add your name to attendee
lists, etc. *

Please ask Spencer if you have questions.
3b) APPEAR.IN is now called “whereby.com
3c) Roll call

4. WG status update

* draft-ietf-cellar-codec-05 was posted 2020-10-19, in ID Exists
* draft-ietf-cellar-ffv1-19 was posted 2020-12-01, in AD Followup, but there’s
still an open discuss position * draft-ietf-cellar-ffv1-v4-16 was posted
2020-12-01, in ID Exists * draft-ietf-cellar-matroska-06 was posted 2020-10-19,
in ID Exists * draft-ietf-cellar-tags-05 was posted 2020-10-19, in ID Exists

* FLAC specification has been posted to the datatracker, but has expired

We agreed at the December 2020 meeting that we would have a focused
conversation about FFV1 v4 in our February meeting, and noted then that the
April 2021 date is not realistic.

5. 2021 virtual interim meeting dates
* Please note that the our 2021 dates listed at * Sometime around 2021-09-28,
we’ll see if we want to meet at IETF 112 on November 6-12, 2021, in person in

6. remaining FFV1 issues from DISCUSS

* IESG ballot positions at * Only
remaining Discuss position is (still) from Barry Leiba, on section 3.8.1.x *
From our previous meeting: “Jerome, Michael and DR will organize a time to redo
the 3.8.1 formula into more clear pseudo-code.” Did this happen? * Can we
submit an update before the new IESG is seated, the week of March 8? If not,
the new ADs may also be reviewing this draft (with new comments and Discusses) …

* Dave is sending XML to Michael to be posted today, to make sure that the
update resolves Barry’s Discuss

7. From the mailing list: “The EBML Errata for the XSD file and how to proceed”
* Two separate issues - XSD file and RFC changed the way “mandatory” is handled
(this is the bigger problem, and was a mistake) * XSD is easier, we’ll start
there :-) * There’s a conflict between the XSD and the text - the text is
correct. We need to fix the file. * We can (and should) accept an errata for
the XSD * We have text on the former Matroska specification web page, that
changed (so this only applies to mandatory elements). Track language is the
most prominent element that isn’t mandatory, and has a default that’s not 0 or
a null string - it’s English. So all Matroska files with no track language
element will suddenly default to English. And most/all software works the way
the former specification says, not in the EBML RFC. * We just missed this when
reviewing the EBML draft for publication. * We did recognize concerns about how
long the change will take to propagate through the development community,
including hardware devices that have the old behavior.

* Actually need three states for these flags
* If we remove mandatory attribute for these new elements, they’ll be handled
the way they’ve always been handled, but that will cause problems for FFV1 v1-3
implementations (these specifications are frozen). * Are there other elements
that are also affected, that we might have to treat as an exception? Nobody is
using the new elements yet. Some do, things like display width (doesn’t have a
default value, but has a formula). Some are already used in WebM. * Problem is
that we specified defaults for some attributes, but they aren’t mandatory. *
We’re super conficted about what the right answer is - even individuals are

* Errata - write a general errata, and then figure out what to do.
* Add details to Matroska specification?
* Create a list of elements that have defaults but are not mandatory? This has
been sent to the mailing list already, by the way. * We have a PR for this -
has not been merged yet - PR#396 on EBML that we all agree we can merge. (By
the way - our AD will still be Murray, so no change)

8. FFV1 v4 issues

We haven’t worked on this yet, but we will :-)

9. Matroska issues

* A lot of this was covered in previous discussion …
* We can merge PR#450, confirmed on the call
* We can merge PR#452, confirmed on the call
* Extension tag is missing a type attribute - any input from Dave? Issue #454
* We can merge PR#440 -, confirmed on
the call * Repo has like 78 branches - we need to clean up after merging them.
See for

10. FLAC issues

* Dave will repost this document when the submission window opens
* Michael and Spencer will reach out to Florian Weimer to see if he can help
with this document


* Any other reviewers we should invite to review our specifications (who would
be affected by our work)? * Michael and Spencer will ask this question on the
mailing list and to specific people