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Minutes interim-2021-cellar-07: Tue 21:00

Meeting Minutes Codec Encoding for LossLess Archiving and Realtime transmission (cellar) WG
Date and time 2021-08-24 19:00
Title Minutes interim-2021-cellar-07: Tue 21:00
State Active
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Last updated 2021-09-28


CELLAR -- DRAFT AGENDA for Virtual Interim Meeting

Date Time Local Times
2021-08-24 21:00 Amsterdam Time Converter
Note Meeting time is anchored to Amsterdam


Note that we're now pointing to the Github repo for chair notes here


THERE IS NO TELEPHONE DIALIN (You can try connecting to the link at any time.)

Shared COMIMD for notetaking:

  • Note that if you log in to the IETF datatracker, you'll
    be able to edit these notes, add your name to attendee
    lists, etc.
  • Please ask Spencer if you have questions.
    The ComiMD URL is still redirecting, but the newly official location is - and that's active now. Please bookmark the new one when you're redirected to it.

Logistics for Meeting

2021 virtual interim meeting dates

  • Please note our 2021 dates listed at
  • IETF 112 will also be a fully online meeting (announced 2021-08-04), so we will not be meeting face-to-face in Madrid, right? Perhaps in early December, close to Amsterdam with a workshop on FFv1 and Matroska (also in person) More info at
  • ACTION: Co-chairs to propose 2022 meeting schedule in September meeting, for information and comment.
    • September 28, 2021: 21:00 Paris (1900 UTC)
    • October 26, 2021: 21:00 Paris (1900 UTC)
    • November 23, 2021: 21:00 Paris (2000 UTC)

Agenda Items

Note Well:

Roll call

* Spencer Dawkins
* Steve Lhomme
* Michael Richardson
* Jerome Martinez
* Michael Neidermayer
* Dave Rice


News You Can Use

WG status update

Milestone review:

  • Matroska maybe at the end of Summer 2021? It's closer than we thought
  • Is it worth publishing an update to ffv1-v4 that includes the goals we've discussed previously?
  • Are we ready to submit a working group draft for EBML updates (errata plus additions) yet? (
  • FLAC still needs an editor to complete the work. Michael did hear back from Florin, and he's unable to serve as editor, so the working group has a decision to make about FLAC.
Discussion on the call
  • Almost all the Matroska issues have PRs waiting for reviews - 7 do not. Steve will work on this during the coming week, and then send a version for review (soon) (after the PRs are merged)
  • Jerome is now able to focus on FFV1-v4, since we've published FFV1. ACTION Spencer to send e-mail to DISPATCH when we submit a (small) update.
  • We should wait until we have a bit more text, or bigger issues, to publish as a draft.

Michael Richardson has asked to step down as co-chair for SOME WORKING GROUP, after years of service in this role.

  • This may be CELLAR, but also may not be. He's asked the ADs to pick one.
  • We need to have a conversation about succession planning.
  • Michael and Spencer are both IETF process resources, not technical resources - it would be good to have at least one of each.
  • We could be using document shepherds to develop talent, but they need to be involved with our work, on calls, etc.
  • Open call on the Cellar mailing list? Michael has reached out to individuals in the past - that worked with Matroska.
  • IETF working groups do not name their own leadership - that's an Area Director responsibity - but ADs make their best choices when they have all the information we can give them to make choices.

Accept draft minutes from previous meeting (attached below)

  • Any objections? Please let us know on the mailing list.

Follow-up on Possible switch to Meetecho for our calls

Discussion on previous calls
  • We discussed moving to Meetecho (from at the May meeting, and Spencer had an action to check on iOS and Android clients for Meetecho.
  • Spencer verified that Meetecho uses WebRTC, so should work with any browser, but does not currently have an iOS or Android client available.
  • Michael's experience is that Meetecho REALLY needs to run from a computer, and not a phone or tablet, just because you need a lot of screen real estate to keep track of queues, chats, and other stuff.
Discussion on the call
  • Is using a computer for Cellar interim meetings a dealbreaker for anyone?
  • None on the call ...
  • ACTION Spencer will request Meetecho for our September meeting.

FFV1 v4 issues - Discussion on the call

Matroska issues - Discussion on the call

FLAC issues - Discussion on the call

  • Were not discussed on the call


  • None noted, except that Spencer and Michael expressed their appreciation for the people in the working group!

NEXT MEETING 2021-09-28 :tada: