Minutes interim-2021-lpwan-02: Tue 16:00

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networks (lpwan) WG
Title Minutes interim-2021-lpwan-02: Tue 16:00
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Last updated 2021-01-19

Meeting Minutes

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Action items


  • change the NBIOT target date to early 2022
    • Find 3GPP assistance for Ana on NBIOT (Eric + Pascal) on hold
  • Laurent to refresh the model draft and the chairs to ask to an early review by YANG Doctors via datatracker


  • Define target dates for SCHCoFoo (Juan Carlos): Last call by fall 2021
  • Request a meeting for IETF 110 and place Netmod as conflict (chairs) done


  • Éric Vyncke, Cisco
  • Alexander Pelov, Acklio
  • Olivier Gimenez, Semtech
  • Ana Minaburo, Acklio
  • Pascal Thubert, Cisco
  • Diego Dujovne, UDP
  • Laurent Toutain, IMT Atlantique
  • Juan Carlos Zúñiga, Sigfox
  • Carles Gomez, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya
  • Edgar Ramos, Ericsson

(last interims for copy/paste)

  • Dominique Barthel, Orange
  • Julien Catalano, Kerlink
  • Paul Duffy, Cisco
  • Vincent Audebert, EDF
  • Alexander Pelov, Acklio
  • Ivaylo Petrov, Acklio
  • Arunprabhu Kandasamy, Acklio
  • Sean Turner, sn3rd
  • J Lecoeuvre
  • David Millman
  • Ricardo Andreasen
  • Arthur Oval
  • Sergio Aguilar


[16:05] Administrivia [10min]

Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing

WG Status

IETF 110: status

ToDos from last meeting are done Request meeting for next IETF is done, 1h

[16:15] SCHC over LoRaWAN [5min]

  • Olivier: Still working on Ben Kaduk's comments.

[16:20] LPWAN Architecture [25min]

  • Alexander: New draft, much asked for
  • From CoAP draft, how do things work together?
  • How do we reset parameters, install context, compute IID, etc...
  • A framework was needed as opposed to scattered information in multiple drafts
  • For now the draft has the lessons from the SCHC OSCORE specification
  • Q from Juan Carlos: are upper/lower case significant in the picture?
  • Laurent and Alex: No; inherited from differnet documents
  • Ana: Can be used to show different instances
  • Pascal: I suggest you homogeneize
  • Edgar: Been discusseing with product. You could have crypto before TLS, same principle to have a separation where you have encryption
  • Alexander: true, good case. Each instance can be managed by different entities with different sets of rules
  • Alexander discusses how the 2 rule managers can talk to one another
  • Pascal: Need to instantiate the architecture with classic use cases 1) preprovisionned field device and 2) SCHCoPPP(oE)
  • Juan Carlos: Need some clarification about how this doc compares to the arhictecture described in section 3 of RFC 8724. Perhaps it can be called "Extended SCHC Architecture" and put a reference to 8724 section 3, explaining what else is now being defined (security, rules management, etc.).
  • Alexander: needed dto clarify the title; this is early work to get feedback
  • JCZ: I believe so *

[16:45] CoAP over SCHC [5min]

  • Ana: will publish 17 with language correction and Benjamin Kaduk's review

[16:50] Open Bar / AOB [ QS ]