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Minutes interim-2021-lpwan-13: Tue 16:00

Meeting Minutes IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networks (lpwan) WG
Date and time 2021-12-07 15:00
Title Minutes interim-2021-lpwan-13: Tue 16:00
State Active
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Last updated 2021-12-07


Meeting Information

Interim Agenda

[16:05] Administrivia [05min]

  • Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
  • WG Status

[16:10] LPWAN Architecture Update [10min]

[16:20] The delay tolerant problem [20min]

[16:40] YANG module integration [15min]

[16:55] AOB [ QS ]

Interim Minutes

[16:05] Administrivia [05min]

  • Note-Well, Scribes, Agenda Bashing
  • WG Status

    • Pascal announce the note-well and best practices.
  • Actions items:

  • Update Architecture draft (done)
  • Split the data model.
  • Compound-ack needs to be publish first than sigfox
  • Milestone does not need to be changed
  • Documents: NBIoT expect to go forward, archirtecture has been updated
  • Dominique Barthel: plan to work on the OAM draft
  • Laurent Toutain: status for yang doctor for data model, does it is new? or old?
  • Eric Vyncke: It is the old one, the first YANG Doctors early review request

[16:10] LPWAN Architecture Update [10mi

  • Changes in the structure of the document
  • Section 7 life cycle of the requirements, discover of the Rules, etc
  • Early text that need input from all, to see if you agree about the develop of devices
  • P%rovision Rules for the network
  • Just a discussion
  • Eric: IANA consideration has disappeared and should come back
  • Eric (without AD hat): I don't know if the data model is needed?
  • Pascal Thubert: We can removed it, it is not really necessary
  • Laurent: A list of data model where SCHC is needed
  • Pascal: Normally the architecture is writtenbefore any RFC, so anything is defined very specifically, it says what but leaves a how for latter. Then we can create a framework
  • Pascal: question???
  • Laurent: This architecture does not have the same view of the one of the beginning. So to publish a document too early may become wrong in the future.
  • Pascal: Section 6 into framework for later.
  • Pascal: we need reviews for the lifecycle section and the key management, when do you publish the rules, and we need to discuss.

[16:20] The delay tolerant problem [20min]

  • Edgar is presenting
  • Delay Tolerant Transmissios over SCHC
  • Edgard: Problem identified in NB IOT. Might apply to other technologies
  • Maybe a separate draft ?
  • The modem implementations of NB IOT are lagging behind the standards. Only the mandatory features of 1st releases. Number of features are being reduce to lower cost. User plane is not fully there.
  • Support only "Data over NAS" where packets are piggy backed over control channel. This was meant for infrequent transmisison in the order of Kbps of volume, because control plane is high priority. Volumes of data would alter the cell operation (handover control goes over that channel)
  • Log files upload and Firmware download can impact the use of voice, no way to place a call. Consequence is that large transfers are being banned from NB IOT. TCP and retransmissions make that situation worse (storm).
  • Solution could be to enable delay tolerant transmissions, allow transfers to take a week.
  • can we utilize the SCHC technique applied to the whole large object? The whole would be a large IP packet, and we'd use long timers.
  • Have multiconfiguration mapping the objects sizes
  • Pascal: Issue creation, it seems to be something interesting to different technologies, can we use SCHC as it is? probably not because the session duration is too long. Perhaps we can change the milestones, but here is the place to do SCHC
  • Eric: There is a Delay-Tolerant Network (DTN) WG so let's ensure to use a different wording, and we are going into the transport area, and are we able to solve the problem completely?
  • Pascal: I think LPWAN is agood place because we are doing operating below L3 over just one hop, as opposed to transport that has for deal with congestion control over multihop
  • Eric: We need to contact the transport area on this important problem/protocol
  • Laurent: Are you targetting ACK on error?
  • Edgar: yes
  • Laurent: there is a solution and adaptation is not so complex with the bitmap
  • Edgar:
  • Pascal: please write a problem statement and state that it is not a end to end/multi-hop problem. Let's ship NB-IoT first without this content (do not wait for LP-WAN rechartering)

  • SCHC has static configuration, here we need something more dynamic by choosing a configuration among differents based on network

  • Pascal: Please finish first the NBIoT draft, we are not chartered for this new work and that may take time. We need to work on problem statement and solution architecture first, then we'll ask for recharter if we find it's a good fit
  • Publish it as personal draft.

[16:40] YANG module integration [15min]

Laurent: Has added the compound ack on the yang model

  • Laurent explains how to extend a DM with a module, using compound ack as example
  • Juan Carlos: how to move forward with the compoud ack? We need to include Laurent's text and publish with that.
  • Eric: either use a local pyang or use the tool for a module or for the complete I-D as .txt.
  • Eric: while this small YANG module is normative, it does not change the core of the I-D and is pretty trivial, so, no need for a 2nd WGLC IMHO. There * Pascal: We will publish both documents at the same time, please do the last modifications.
  • Juan carlos: OK to publish compound ack by next week with coordination with Laurent on data model extension
  • Dominique: OK to check the data model for complience with annex D
  • Pascal, If both OK I'll request the publication before Christmas!

Session ends