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Minutes interim-2022-ietfiana-03: Tue 12:00

Meeting Minutes IETF-IANA (ietfiana) IAB ASG
Date and time 2022-07-26 16:00
Title Minutes interim-2022-ietfiana-03: Tue 12:00
State Active
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Last updated 2022-09-20

Summary of Meeting Minutes
IETF 114
Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Jari Arkko
Lars Eggert
Russ Housley
Cullen Jennings
Mirja Kuhlewind
Kim Davies
Amy Creamer
Sabrina Tanamal
Amanda Baber

Review Action Items

1. IANA term usage
K. Davies explained that this was paused. “We just want to use ‘IANA’ the way
the community does, but we're contractually not allowed to call ourselves IANA.
However, there's six years of community use and no apparent sensitivity.
Tweaking some language in the licensing agreement, removing one clause, might
be all that's needed.” L. Eggert indicated that IETF leadership could only pass
messages to the LLC.

2. IANA Services Activity/Performance
Met SLAs for 99 percent of requests from March through June.
Plenary report:

3. Annual Supplemental Agreement Renewal
○ IANA does not have any recommended changes
○ Will send it to the group after IETF 114

4. Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24) Operating Plan and Budget
○ PTI operating assumptions and priorities are being discussed with oversight
groups prior to the public webinar ○ Public Webinar will take place on August
11th. Invitations will be sent out to the IETF community and leadership

5. Customer Feedback:
○ Post-ticket survey stats: 100 percent satisfaction rate except for June (96

6. Designated experts contact outreach
○ Contacting active/inactive (have not been active in the last 5 years) experts
○ Confirming email address and willingness to serve
○ Solo experts: ask if they have any suggestions for replacement/additional
experts ○ Evaluate outreach results ○ Establish a process for future contact

7. .INT Document
○ Currently with Warren to review after facilitating discussion with John
Klensin where minor changes were made that he agreed would address his concerns.

K. Davies will follow-up with Warren.

8. TZ Database: Editorial Disutes
○ Murray Kucherawy (in his role as AD) sent his findings to the mailing list
<>. To date there
has been no additional request to the AD for further review or any appeal to
the IESG. ○ Discussions continue on the mailing list ○ Paul Eggert privately
indicated he is considering methods of reconciling fork ○ Kyiv nomenclature
remains a topic of discussion, even though project has agreed to make the
change once other changes are required

9. Migration of the charsets mailing list
○ In light of Ned Freed’s passing, we are looking to stand up a new charsets
mailing list ○ Looking to obtain any historical archives that may exist ○ IANA
can restart the list, but we don't have the archives

Discussion suggested contacting Martin Duerst, Nathaniel Borenstein and Chris
Newman might also have a backup.  The namedroppers list is in the same
situation, but charsets is the last active list that we have a dependence on.

10. Registry workflow system
○ System underwent a third-party penetration test at the end of June
○ Final user acceptance testing to begin in August

11. .ARPA
○ Renaming of .ARPA nameservers completed April 2022
○ No active plans to pursue subsequent phases of RFC 9120 implementation.
○ Should IANA actively pursue further steps in FY23 or FY24?

C. Jennings and L. Eggert suggested talking to Wes from the IAB and Warren on
this topic.

12. Private-use TLD
○ ICANN SAC113 tasked ICANN to reserve one TLD from delegation for private use

SSAC has produced advice to ICANN to reserve a single TLD for private purposes.
The approach is going to the ICANN board. Basically: first public consultation
is on the selection process itself. If public comment is OK, IANA would be
asked to pick the string. We would consult privately with whoever's
appropriate. Second consultation would be on the string. We don't have any
preconceived notions re: how this would play out, but we have a lot of staff
across OCTO, etc. who can be involved.

13. Monthly IETF SLA report
○ Previous agreement that IANA would provide an explanation for requests that
took longer than 60 days to complete ○ IANA is receiving inquiries on shorter
term requests ○ In order to proactively allocate time to research and provide
this narrative with the report, what is the minimum number of days for request
processing that the IETF wants individual details on?

M. Kuhlewind: We just want to know about tickets that look like they may be
problems. R. Housley: You don't have to anticipate questions. Just answer them
as they come in.

14. FY24 PTI Overall Priorities
○ IANA Website ( Improvements:
  • FY22: Complete backend improvements as well as adding new services to
  report service availability, including scheduled maintenance periods and the
  ability to provide narrative around unexpected events. • FY23: Registry data
  searching, structured data improvements (e.g. machine parsable root zone
  database); public transparency for KSK security events; new News and
  Announcements section. • FY24: Significant site re-evaluation and redesign,
  including mobile accessibility.

○ Operational Excellence & Engagement:
  • Seek operational excellence recognition through the EFQM model (last
  recognition received in 2013). • Reevaluate our Information Security Audit
  practices to ensure new systems and processes are placed in scope and that
  the SOC framework continues to meet our needs. • Develop the new PTI
  Strategic Plan after work to align with ICANN plan's timeline is finalized. •
  Maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders. • Educate broader
  Internet communities to establish trust that IANA is the proper
home for enabling global interoperability through unique identifier

K. Davies confirmed questions that IANA is adding functional improvements; want
the website to remain relevant as there are parties who aren't aware of the
benefits of registries and how the ecosystem works. L. Eggert: The item about
educating communities -- Goran actually replied to Andrew's email.

15. FY24 PTI Priorities – Protocol Parameters
○ System Improvements
  • FY21: Much of the pre-work that has gone into Opal has created a solid
  foundation for this work. • FY22: Implementing workflow handling for Private
  Enterprise Number (PEN) registration and retire the current application tool.
  • FY23: Incremental improvements to the PEN registry and workflows. Opal to
  manage backend processing for all registries. • FY24: Refresh the protocol
  matrix page and associated registry pages including searching and information
  hierarchies. Refresh submission forms.

L. Eggert: It would be nice to have a better interface between your system and
ours. It's currently all email. There's an API, but it's not very integrated.
K. Davies: We talked to Robert Sparks about the new system a couple of years
ago. We currently have a naive ticketing system that just sends emails. We'll
be able to upgrade that. L. Eggert: If you don't rely on email anymore, there
might be a JSON system or something. K. Davies: I think there's also an
opportunity for expert reviewers, who I think would love to be able to log into
a console.

○ Anticipated activities not included in the Plans
  • TLD variants
  • Subsequent phases of RFC 9120 implementation (separation of .ARPA from root
  zone) • Policy implementation • Subsequent Procedures for New gTLDs — Under
  study • Policy on IDN ccTLD Strings – Under study • ccTLD review mechanism
  (for delegation, transfer, appeals) - Under study • Root Server Governance

16. Upcoming Meeting Schedule
○ Proposed IETF/IANA Meeting schedule:
  • In-Person or Virtual November 2022 (London)
  • In-Person or Virtual March 2022 (Yokohama, same hotel)
  • Will add additional meetings to discuss specific topics as needed.

Action Items:

● Work with Barry Leiba on 8126bis and provide an update.
● Update several RFCs to change expert review mailing list instructions so that
submitters send to us first. ● Kim will follow-up with Warren on .int document.
● IANA will reach out to Martin Duerst, Nathaniel Borenstein and Chris Newman
regarding charset mailing list archives.