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Minutes interim-2022-ietfieee-01: Thu 09:00

Meeting Minutes IETF-IEEE (ietfieee) IAB ASG Snapshot
Date and time 2022-02-24 17:00
Title Minutes interim-2022-ietfieee-01: Thu 09:00
State Active
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Last updated 2022-06-10


1. Welcome, roll call, agenda bashing


Amelia Andersdotter
Bob Grow
Cindy Morgan
Dan Romascanu
Donald Eastlake
Dorothy Stanley
Eric Vyncke
Erik Kline
Francesca Palombini
Glenn Parsons
Janos Farkas
Jari Arkko
Jodi Haasz
John Scudder
Jon Rosdahl
Juan-Carlos Zuniga
Lars Eggert
Martin Duke
Paul Nikolich
Peter Yee
Rob Wilton
Roger Marks
Russ Housley


Alvaro Retana
Pascal Thubert
Patrick Kinney
Paul Congdon
Scott Mansfield
Warren Kumari

2. Action item updates

  In Progress:

    - None

3. IETF New Work summary

  The following BOFs were approved for IETF 113:

    - Computing-Aware Networking (CAN)
      Area: Routing

    - Media Over QUIC (MOQ) - Applications and Real-Time Area

    - Source Address Validation in Intra-domain and Inter-domain
      Networks (SAVNET)
      Area: Internet

    - Secure Credential Transfer (SECRET)
      Area: Applications and Real-Time
      • Held interim BOF on 2022-02-10

4. 802 New Work summary

  The following PARs are under consideration for the IEEE 802 March 2002
  Plenary meeting:

    - 802-Rev - Standard - Overview and Architecture, PAR Revision

      This is a mechanical revision to P802 to roll in the updates.

    - 802.1Qdt - Amendment: Priority-based Flow Control Enhancements,
      PAR and CSD

    - 802.1DU - Standard for Cut-Through Forwarding Bridges and Bridged
      Networks, PAR and CSD

    - 802.3dg - Amendment: Physical Layer Specifications and Management
      Parameters for 100Mb/s Operation and Associated Power Delivery
      over a Single Balanced Pair of Conductors, PAR and CSD

    - 802.15.12 - Standard for Enhanced Ultra Wide-Band (UWB) Physical
      Layers (PHYs) and Associated MAC Enhancements, PAR Withdrawal
      • This PAR is being withdrawn because there was not sufficient
        interest, so the project will be closed.

    - 802.15.6a - Amendment: Dependable Human and Vehicle Body Area
      Networks, PAR Withdrawal and CSD
      • P802.15.6a was for an amendment to IEEE Std 802.15.6-2012. Since
        this standard will expire at the end of 2022 without a revision,
        the 802.15 WG wishes to continue the project as a revision.

    - 802.15.6ma - Standard -  Wireless Body Area Networks, PAR Revision
      and CSD

5. Review current coordination items

  - Item 5. Enabling use of Local Addresses for virtualization and IoT

    Glenn Parsons reported that IEEE 802.1CQ is still in the early stage
    of balloting and collecting input. They will likely have a stable
    draft to share by the July 802 plenary meeting.

  - Item 25. Layer 2/Layer 3 Interaction for Time-Sensitive Traffic

    Janos Farkas will review the list of relevant documents and send an
    update to Russ Housley for inclusion in the coordination list.

  - Item 27. Development of YANG models in the IEEE 802

    Glenn Parsons reported that P802f is currently in the middle of WG
    ballot and will be shared with the NETMOD WG once that ballot

    The IEEE802.1AX YANG model still does not have a project to work on
    it, but Glenn Parsons said that he expects to see some motion on
    this after the 802 plenary meeting in March 2022.

    Rob Wilton noted that 802.1 to the IETF, "Liaison on a YANG Data
    Model for a Keystore" <>.
    Glenn Parsons said that this was to make sure that the text in
    draft-ietf-netconf-keystore accurately describes what the secure
    device ID in 802.1 can do. Security coordination is needed on

  - Item 33. Capability Discovery

    Alvaro Retana reported via email that draft-ietf-lsvr-l3dl and
    draft-ietf-lsvr-l3dl-signing have completed Working Group Last Call
    in the LSVR WG. The WG is holding off on advancing those drafts to
    focus on the main LSVR specification. Once that is done, the LSVR WG
    will recharter to include the L3DL work.

    Paul Congdon reported via email that LLDPv3, 802-1adbh has been
    approved and is waiting for publication.

  - Item 34. Reliable and Available Wireless (RAW)

    Dorothy Stanley reported that the P802.15.12 is not being carried
    forward. The RAW WG work is broader and will be applicable to both
    802.15 and 802.11. 802.11 is making sure that the RAW work in know
    to 802.11 members.

  - Item 35. MAC Address Device Identification for Network and
    Application Services (MADINAS)

    Juan-Carlos Zuniga reported that draft-ietf-madinas-use-cases and
    draft-ietf-madinas-mac-address-randomization have been adopted in
    the MADINAS WG. The MADINAS WG will coordinate these documents with
    802.1 and 802.11.

  - New Items


6. Future meeting plans

  IETF 113 (March 19-25, 2022) will be a hybrid meeting, with an in-
  person component in Vienna. This will be the first IETF meeting with
  an in-person component since COVID began.

  IEEE 802's March plenary meeting (March 4-18, 2022) will be fully

7. Adjourn