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Minutes interim-2022-madinas-01: Fri 10:00

Meeting Minutes MAC Address Device Identification for Network and Application Services (madinas) WG
Date and time 2022-10-07 14:00
Title Minutes interim-2022-madinas-01: Fri 10:00
State Active
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Last updated 2022-10-07

MADINAS WG INTERIM 01 2022-10-07

1. Welcome, Agenda Review and Status Update (WG Chairs) -- 5 mins

Juan Carlos Zu¤iga (JCZ) presents the chair slides.
ric Vyncke (EV) asked if there was a note taker. Mathieu Cunche (MC) and both
chairs will work on the notes.

2. Use cases and Problem statement -- 15 mins
   Randomized and Changing MAC Address Use Cases, Jerome Henry, Yiu Lee

Jerome Henry (JH) presents the slides.
JH acknowledges that there are still typos.
JH presents an overview the trust level and the environments used in the draft.
JH describes a new addition to section 6 on network services.
JH highlights complexity associated to more advanced network services that can
be found in some environments (e.g., enterprise). JH says that the document may
need to be renamed as it now includes more than use cases (solutions have been

Carlos Bernados (CB) suggests that 1) solutions should be move to an annex and
2) there are like two types of requirements: for the solutions and one for us
as a community to do, and these are two different type of requirements. This
probably needs to be clarified. JCZ suggests that solutions can starts as an
annex but that it can be then moved to a new document.

Eric Vyncke (EV): suggests to take the part of the existing solutions into a
separate individual document that might be the BCP one later.

JCZ suggest removing the non-technical requirements from the doc, like liaison
recommendations, etc.

3. MAC Address Randomization current state-of-affairs -- 10 mins
   MAC address randomization, Carlos J. Bernardos
CB presents the slides.
Reminds that the document is about the current states of affairs regarding
address randomization. Part that can get obsolete quickly (e.g. regarding
implementation in OSes) are to be moved to an updatable document on github. CB
addresses Michael Richardson (MR) comments. Reading MR comments on a taxonomy
on the different type of random addresses. JH says that 802.11 headers are
evolving and describing there content in our document will force us to update
regularly. JH says that taxonomy can create a hierarchy of addresses in term of
privacy. MC says that taxonomy is usefull and should consider the
duration/frequency of change. JCZ says that taxonomy may also consider the type
of device.

4. Update about Open Roaming experiment with WBA (Chairs) -- 10 mins
JCZ presenting the slides.
OpenRoaming could be a solution to preserve an identity across different
networks. JCZ reminds the principles of OpenRoaming. Proposal to run an
OpenRoaming expermiments at next meeting with the aid of WBA. Discussion needed
to find networks that can be used during the experiment (in and around the
meeting site). MC asks what are the technical details of OpenRoaming (RADIUS,
etc) JCZ says that a side meeting could be organized to run a demo and discuss
the technical details

6. Next Steps & preparation for IETF 115 (WG Chairs w/AD Support) ? 10 min
Yiu Lee: Can you please share info about the OpenRoaming experiment on the list
JCZ sure, we will send something

(time permitting)
6. RoMA: Rotating MAC Address for privacy protection, Mathieu Cunche
Link to the paper :
EV commented that ARP may also be impacted by this approach.
Yiu Lee suggested that the DHCP server could cooperate by sending additionnal
data (2 IP addr., duration ...)