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Minutes interim-2023-cellar-06: Tue 19:00

Meeting Minutes Codec Encoding for LossLess Archiving and Realtime transmission (cellar) WG
Date and time 2023-06-27 19:00
Title Minutes interim-2023-cellar-06: Tue 19:00
State Active
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Last updated 2023-06-27


CELLAR -- DRAFT AGENDA for 2023-06-27 Virtual Interim Meeting

| Date | Time | Local Times |
| :-: :-: :-
| 2023-06-27 21:00 Amsterdam | Time Converter | |
| Note | Meeting time is anchored to Amsterdam | |


**Note that we're now pointing to the Github repo for chair notes here**



note that chat is now Zulip:
but is accessible via meetecho interface.

Shared HedgeDoc for notetaking

Now using the Datatracker assigned notepad at:
  • Note that if you log in to the IETF datatracker, you'll be able to
    edit/clarify/correct these notes, add your name to attendee lists,

  • Please ask Michael or Spencer if you have questions.

2023 virtual interim meeting dates

Agenda Items

Note Well:
Please be KIND to each other.

Roll call


  • Spencer Dawkins
  • Martijn van Beurden
  • Steve Lhomme
  • Jérôme Martinez
  • ALI Shamin


  • Michael Richardson

The Working Group extends congratulations to Michael for his son's

Accept draft minutes from previous meeting

  • Draft minutes for the previous meeting are available here
  • Martijn and Steve have reviewed, no objections, so meeting minutes
    are approved.

WG status update

| Draft | State | Date Posted | Plans |
| :- :- :- :-
| draft-ietf-cellar-chapter-codecs-02 | Expired | 2022-12-04 | |
| draft-ietf-cellar-codec-10 | Expired | 2022-12-04 | |
| draft-ietf-cellar-control-02 | Expired | 2022-12-04 | |
| draft-ietf-cellar-ffv1-v4-21 | ID Exists | 2022-12-05 | |
| draft-ietf-cellar-flac-08 | AD Evaluation | 2023-04-03 | Spencer has pinged Murray about this |
| draft-ietf-cellar-matroska-17 | IESG Evaluation::AD Followup | 2023-04-01 | two Discuss ballots remain |
| draft-ietf-cellar-tags-10 | Expired | 2022-12-04 | |

Milestone review:

  • Can the authors post updated versions of our expired working group
    drafts? Steve will submit updates
  • For Matroska, we need to resolve the remaining Discuss ballots, and
    address comments we've received
  • For FLAC, we are awaiting our AD's evaluation write-up for this

Matroska issues - Discussion of IESG Ballot positions and comments on the call.

  • John Scudder Discuss position - Steve thinks he has addressed all of
    John's Discuss points and comments
  • Roman Danyliw Discuss position - Steve thinks he has addressed all
    of Roman's Discuss points and comments
  • Other remaining AD comments received - Steve thinks he has addressed
    all of these as well
  • Michael has sent a followup email asking the ADs to review Discuss
    positions against -17
    • Spencer will follow up with ADs, on Michael's June 4 email

Review of RFC8794 GitHub structure

  • At our previous meeting, Steve reported that he has worked through
    the GitHub repo for our previously published RFC 8794, with the RFC
    8794 with errata applied at
    with a release ZIP file at
  • At our previous meeting, Spencer asked the working group
    participants to look at this GitHub structure and make sure we think
    it will work for us
  • Does anyone see any problems with this structure? Martijn thinks it
    looks wonderful
  • The GitHub repo has lots of stale branches - the structure would be
    even more wonderful if they were removed
  • We could fork the repo, so we have any older branches that we might
    need, and then delete them from the main repo
  • Are we ready to do the same thing with RFC 9043? We think our
    approach is good for other RFCs, but RFC 9043 has no errata at this

FLAC issues - Discussion on the call

  • No update required until we get the AD Evaluation comments back from
  • Private email from Murray - "expecting to finish this coming Friday
    (but ping me to keep me honest)"
  • Murray requested an early ART ART review, and this is one month
  • Spencer will follow up with Cullen Jennings, the ART ART reviewer

FFV1 v4 issues - Discussion on the call

  • No updates, check back in August


  • None noted
  • Next meeting is ** 2023-08-22**